[Interview] Getter discusses Terror Reid and Shred Collective

April 3, 2017 -

Daily Beat Staff

On  Sunday afternoon at Bayfront Park, I conducted my first interview of the day with Tanner Petulla, more commonly known as Getter at Ultra Music Festival. Read below to learn more about who Terror Reid actually is and the inspiration behind his new collective (Shred Collective) along with artists who have joined!


Diana DB: So you were here in Miami on Thursday for the Buygore vs. Trippy Burger event, how did it go?

Getter: Hell yeah, it was sick. Me and Nick Colletti rapped and then I did a Getter set. It was packed; it was sick. It was fun; it was crazy. There was this storm 20 minutes before the doors opened. There was thunder, lightning and then it just stopped.

Diana DB: There was an event where your boy Nick Colletti went b2b with Terror Reid. Is this his breakout into the scene as you’ve brought him along in the past or is this a one-time special performance?

Getter: No, I’m Terror Reid! I put on a ski mask, and I rap. They put on the flyer, not Buygore, but the ticket people put Nick Colletti b2b Terror Reid but it’s just me. Basically what I do is I huff propane to get high as f*, put on a ski mask, and then I get blacked out and rap for an hour. It’s me, but I don’t know it’s me. The only reason I know it’s me is because I see pictures. It's kind of like an alter-ego thing or a side-effect of huffing propane.

Diana DB: So why did you decide to start Shred Collective?

Getter: I decided to start it because like, I came up the same way all of my friends came up right now where like you need to get handouts from people. Well, not handouts but help from people who are more popular than you. So I got to the point where I was like, I know enough people who are putting out music that I’m really close with, but they always go with labels and get f*’ed. They don’t get paid, or it takes forever for them to release something. So I’m just like dude, you will keep 100% of the money. I just spend the money I have and the money from merch sales and anything I do with Shred on the actual artists. Instead of being like “yeah we’ll give you $10,000, but if you make $100,000 it’s ours." So it’s like I don’t know, money is cool, but it’s only cool if your friends have it too. You don’t want to be rich and lonely.

Diana DB: Is the merch just going to be your own or everyone on the collective's?

Getter: I have like stupid punny shirts that are kinda for fun. With every release we have, we’re doing like a custom style artist shirt. Whatever art they want in whatever color and they’ll get the money from that too. It’s basically like a self-funded, creative complex. So like we put out the first round of shirts and make x amount, all the money goes to do whatever we want. So if one of the artists is like “hey I want to do a music video for $10,000” we’ll be like, let’s do it.

Diana DB: What artists have joined the collective thus far?

Getter: We’ve been building it for months now. Now that it’s ready, we have so many. We have a solid year of constant music, all kinds of music. We have metal bands; we have rappers. I’m trying to keep it out of the EDM corner. Not because I hate EDM, I love EDM, but I just want to like – we’re going to do one EDM song, and then a hip-hop song, and then a metal song, and basically to keep it so it’s not just in a corner. We have me, Sneek, who’s my friend from San Jose. We have Spook, Half Empty, Josh Pan. We have so many people who are a part of it right now. So we’re just trying to get everything out there.

Diana DB: Last question, if you were to switch genres with any DJ, what would it be and why?

Getter: Probably Flying Lotus, because I love music samples from old music and he does it the best. He’s the best and probably top three for me.

Photo Credit: Proxy Matter


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