YoungWolf Showcases His Bass House Skills In Epic Single 'Hype Beast'

October 22, 2022 -

Justin Angle

Far from his first release, YoungWolf is showing what he's capable of in the studio, not holding back in the least when it comes to impact and heaviness. "Hype Beast," accomplishes showcasing an eclectic balance of many traits all in one go. It's has melodic moments, powerful moments, and all is executed in an orderly fashion utilizing a 128 house framework. Having started in 2018, it's no surprise that YoungWolf has be able to achieve the level of skill that his sound currently boasts, it's evident he's not resistant when it comes to putting in the work and figuring out ways to up his games in terms of proficiency.

A listen through of a few popular releases in his catalog showcases dynamism and a large variety of genres and themes, yet there is a common thread that ties together this sound unequivocally - it being safe to label this part I am spotlighting his 'signature sound.'

YoungWolf embodies a bit of a phenomenon effect, there being an attraction towards what his vision is articulating, from what the brand brings to his to the visual aspects of what is at hand, yet it's hard to put a finger on things altogether in terms of why it all feels so right - that mystery to define is an enhancer to the YoungWolf experience.

This is far that from final production this man will make, look out for what he will do next and dive into his socials and streaming channels to get to know him better.


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