Hodor: An Exclusive Interview with Kristian Nairn @ Rave of Thrones

October 22, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

As this one-of-a-kind event came rolling into Times Square the same weekend as Comic Con, the Khaleesi's, John Snow's, and Drogo's were joined by super heroes and super villains from Javits Center to B.B. Kings. The anticipation of this event stemmed from the knowledge that one of the more notable character on the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, was also a DJ! Before Kristian Nairn, A.K.A. Hodor, spun his progressive house bangers for over an hour and a half, we got the chance to dig a little deeper in the mind of this giant/DJ.

DB: What came first, music or acting?

Music came first, as well as DJing. I spent my earlier years learning a lot of musical instruments and techniques, although I probably favor the guitar. DJing was something I always admired as a club goer, but I never imagined that I would end up doing it. Initially, I thought that being the focus of an entire clubs musical night out, would be pretty high pressure, and to a degree it definitely is. But it's also a lot of fun.

DB: Which do you prefer, acting or performing as a DJ?

I couldn't pick. I love them both equally. It wouldn't sit well if I thought I could never do either one again, but luckily I don't see myself ever having to make that choice.

DB: You don't seem to limit yourself when it comes to art, and it's displayed in your music as you play both house and EDM, which seems a bit uncommon. Which do you prefer playing/listening to? Which style should we expect at Rave of Thrones?

I don't see why I should limit myself. I've always believed the night should be like a journey or a story maybe. I love dance music... Club music. I don't like labels, or having to stick to a sub genre because it's particularly in fashion at the minute. I think it's good to dip in and out. Normally I would start the night somewhere deep, with some piano based stuff, very bass led.. And by the end shift into some synth heavy progressive.

DB: Have your cast mates ever been to any of your DJ performances? What's the reaction?

A lot of cast mates have seen me DJ. There have been quite a lot along for the tour incognito. The reaction has been phenomenal to be honest. We are a close-knit bunch, and I genuinely love them to bits, so they definitely like to party together. It makes me happy knowing that they are on the dance floor

DB: Are you tired of people saying "Hodor" at you?

Hodor is how most people in the world came to know who I am. I got to play a great character on an incredible show. Ive been very lucky and I'm incredibly grateful , and also for giving me the chance to prove myself as an artist. When I hear a Hodor chant at a gig, I can't help but grin like an idiot !!

Photos by Miguélangelo Charles



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