Hippie Sabotage Gets Dropped From Major SoCal Festival

June 30, 2016 -

Dominika Wilczek

Every Wednesday, waves of music-lovers make their pilgrimage to the Mecca of the Los Angeles beat scene: Low End Theory. Artists ranging from BLEEP BLOOP to Flying Lotus to Gaslamp Killer perform at the Airliner and bring together a variety of people together through the art of music. For the past couple years, Low End Theory has hosted a festival during the summer. Due to the successes of the two festivals, they decided to create a third annual Low End Theory Fest. The impeccable lineup, which you can find here, consists of artists such as Ghostface & Raekwon, Daedelus, and Great Dane. There’s one group that is… or was… on the lineup that you might recognize: the infamous Hippie Sabotage.


Photo By: Monique Hernandez

In recent news in the music world, Hippie Sabotage performed at WhatTheFestival, located in Dufur, Oregon. In a video from the festival, which you can find here, you can see that security guards politely ask the two performers to get off the stage. At this point, the hippies decided to emanate the angry vibes: they refused to listen to the security guards and made the collective decision express their feelings through violence. They got into a physical altercation, and were removed immediately off the stage. Then, once they retreated from the festival, they did a Periscope in which they bashed on WhatTheFestival and a few producers, such as Ekali, who voiced their anger in regards to the incident. You can find recordings of the Periscopes here and here, courtesy of Ekali’s Twitter.

This event sparked a lot of controversy and turmoil. Many fans turned away, while a mass of producers voiced their opinions online. Someone even created a petition to ban Hippie Sabotage from performing at venues and festivals. Overall, a lot of people were angry. As a result of Hippie Sabotage's blatant disrespect for those around them, the group has been officially removed from the Low End Theory Festival lineup. Looks like their violent vibes were deemed unfitting for Low End Theory's accepting, respectful, and laid back atmosphere.


This is one of the few, rare occurrences when a performer's unruly behavior resulted in them being removed from lineups of future festivals held by unrelated promoters. Looks like this group of hippies completely sabotaged their career.

Written By: Dominika Wilczek

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