Who's John? Hey BB

March 22, 2018 -

Damask Schantz

Who's John sat down with Daily Beat to answer some questions after releasing his new single "hey bb" earlier this week. Here's what we were dying to know:

Jonn, the single is fantastic! Where do you get your moombahton influence from?

Thank you! & allll over. The notables right now are White Gangster, At Last, Chuwe, Etc Etc, JSTJR & old dutch house haha. I try to think of a vibe I'd want to hear as a fan and then I create from there. I also pull from a lot of the moombahton classics. So many of those tracks were far ahead of their time and worth revisiting certain aspects.

The EDM community is flooded with new music on a regular basis, how do you stay relevant and cut through the noise?

This is actually a huge struggle for me. I've found peace in making all different types of music which is what this year is going to be about for me. It helps keep me fresh and blend the genres a bit. I listen to music in all genres anytime I'm not actually in ableton which also helps a ton.

What do you love about your sub-genre community?

I love that its organic at its core. You have people from all over the world contributing and blending sounds and genres to make whats called "global bass". I hear new genres and sub genres all the time and its fascinating. I'm like wow this is like moombahton but also not? Its cool and inspiring to hear all the stuff that's being released from the unknowns to dj snake & major lazer pushing the crossover sound to mainstream. There's originality in so many areas and its really cool to see.

Who's an artist that you would love to collaborate with?

haha that list is endless and honestly cant pick one so here's a short list.
Reasonably: GTA, Getter, Shadow Child, Riva Starr, REZZ, HOME

Dream Collabs: Things I'd never expect to happen
Suicideboys, Germ, Pouya, Tyler the Creator, BINE / Blank Body, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Munchi

I enjoyed your song 'Output' as you have captured the essence of the BK venue, does Brooklyn hold a special place in your heart as a hub for NYC music?

Well thank you! I wrote that song purely on vibe. I went to see Nadastrom and at the end of the night they were just playing deep house and jamming. It was super chill and I just had a particular vibe. I tried to just recreate that in my head. I LOVE Output. I've had many good nights there. It's definitely near the top of my list for favorites.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year? Anything currently in the works we should look out for?

I'm trying to establish the 'who' part of who's john. I make all kinds of music and there are many levels to me as a person and artist. This year is about introducing that. Look out for ANYTHING. I have a Synthwave track coming with At Last that's one of my favorite songs I've ever worked on. I have house records, moombah, dembow, trap, hip-hop & some other surprises. There's a track coming soon on Brooklyn Fire that Anna Lunoe premiered recently that im pretty excited to share. Look out for that sometime very soon 😉
I also have started vloging on a limited basis you can check that out below on my youtube 🙂

In New York there is no shortage of music events, what is the next show in town you are looking forward to attending?
I'd say Axwell & Ingrosso @ The Brooklyn Mirage & all the NY festivals. Oh & Minus the Bear is coming back to NY soon. That too.

Do you have any pre-show rituals that you do before you hit the decks?

I usually just breath and relax so I don't get anxious lol. I'll talk to my friends and try to clear my head & make sure I have everything ready to go like my flash drives, headphones, water, etc etc & I read the crowd see what the vibe is and think of some tracks to fit that vibe to get things started.

Here's where you can find the latest 🙂

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