Havoc Thursdays Got Nasty With Black Tiger Sex Machine

March 2, 2015 -

Louis Garcia

This past Thursday the entire Daily Beat LA team was invited out to The Yost theater for a wild night at Havoc Thursdays, our favorite weekly nightclub. Normally our writers venture out one at a time to review and interview some of Havoc's artists but tonight we went as group to celebrate the good times we've been having at the club as well as the birthday of Brandon, White Rabbit Group's founder.


16467745437_80eab0cf26_kWe hit it off with a complimentary bottle and table that sat directly above the dance floor of the main stage. We've lurked in nearly every corner of this venue but for the first time we were able to experience it from this exclusive setting. They had a few great opening acts who quickly brought the energy in full force taking on aggressive styles of electro and dubstep. Bobby Puma was one of them, his mixing set fire to the anticipation in the air.


Havoc hosts great headliners on a weekly basis but what made this crowd come out tonight? The answer is a Canadian trio that's been making waves of hype with their unique style of electronic live performance. With some midi keyboards, controllers, and drum pads setup at the DJ booth, Black Tiger Sex Machine made their way on stage to deliver a set that was completely worthy of missing class the next morning.



They hit home with heavy bangers along the lines of electro house. Rather than feeding us the big room mainstage festival dick slapping the toilet samples, BTSM gave us the filth with their dark robotic take on dance music. They definitely hover influence around the grimey 2010 Beetroots/Boys Noize electro style, but have properly curated it to fit a live show spanning different genres. The moment that did if for us was when they slowly creeped down in BPM to a groovy midtempo beat, eventually dropping straight into some glitch hop. At that moment it made sense, these guys were out here creating glitch influenced music at a club appropriate house tempo, no wonder they had such a strong pull in the underground EDM community. Being their first time performing in California, we're anxious to see what this year has in store for them in terms of touring and festivals. White Rabbit Group already has a pretty hefty list of artists who have gone on to blow up worldwide so we would definitely advice everyone to keep an eye on BTSM.


After our review of Havoc's 5 year anniversary it became almost natural our team members to consistently make it out every Thursday night. We're out here not because we're getting paid to, but rather because we love what White Rabbit Group stands for. From the get go they've maintained a solid reputation of booking music that is new and innovative to the scene and since then we've seen a positive growth in the Orange County EDM community. It doesn't matter if you recognize the talent or not, you are guaranteed to catch a great performance anytime you come out to one of their events. Both Daily Beat and White Rabbit Group are in the process of creating a larger identity for SoCal EDM through spreading the word of innovative music and events. We appreciate everyone's support on this and look forward to staying active with all WRG's events this year!


Checkout our past event reviews here. Also Havoc Interviews with Jauz & Haterade.







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