Havoc Thursday Interviews: Haterade On EDM In San Diego & The Halftime Show EP [Out Now]

February 17, 2015 -

Louis Garcia

And just like that we landed back in Santa Ana for another wild night inside The Yost Theater. White Rabbit Group had already killed it for the first month of January with performances by Branchez, gLAdiator, and 12th Planet. Tonight we were lucky enough to meet up with the boys from Haterade who came out to support Tropkillaz as they headlined the night. Upon arriving at the venue, we were let in through the back entrance where Noah and Mike were waiting, both excited to perform tonight.


If you guys were ever to perform at the halftime show who would you wanna bring out as a guest?

Mike: A tupac hologram.

Noah: We loved the fact that Bassnectar was featured on a super bowl commercial.

Mike: That and then Milo & Otis had a track that made it on there.

Noah: Just seeing both of those made me so hyped because it means more people are gonna be listening to our music and coming out to shows.

Did you guys plan out your next EP to release with the recent Super Bowl?

Noah: It was kinda a play on words because Haterade, Gatorade, sports. Also the stuff we make 140 which is also halftime. So subliminal messaging, we are in the illuminati.

Mike: Our name actually came from a trap sample pack where a guy shouts out “you’re drinking that Haterade”. We put it in this track because we thought it was funny.

Noah: If people hate on us we can just tell them that they’re drinking Haterade!

How did you guys end up working together?

Mike: Noah was booking party buses back in the day and I was spinning. At some point the same promoter booked us for a show together and after that we began collaborating.

Did you guys produce music before teaming up?

Mike: I did for about five years.

Noah: I’ve been producing since I was thirteen. I started off with FL Studio just trying to learn how the software worked, then I began DJing when I was 18. That’s when I found out about dance music. I would always show people the beats I made but EDM changed everything for it. The fact that I could play my stuff for an audience completely blew me away.

How did your stuff progress into trap music?

Mike: I started making trap pretty much the same time that Haterade began.

Noah: It was the perfect combo for me because I started out with hip hop, moved to dubstep because that was the closest thing dance music had to hip hop, and finally trap music comes out and I’m like oh my god its hip hop with a drop. Yes give me more of that!

Mike: At first I definitely thought trap was stupid but then I saw RL Grime open for Afrojack a couple years ago and that’s what pretty much opened the door for me.

Do you guys see yourself continuing with trap music?

Mike: We wanna bring on some more melodic elements to this style of music. I think that could be the future.

How’s the EDM scene out in San Diego?

Noah: In a way it’s dividing between the people who go to the clubs and pay for bottle service and then there are the rave people, and by rave people we mean the Somewhere Loud crowd. People dress up like they’re at a festival which is ridiculous.

Have you guys gotten to play there before?

Noah: Oh yeah that’s like our second home. We’ve been there since day one and we have a lot of friends that are always out there. Most clubs make you sell tickets to play but that place is cool they just book DJs based on their music and will help out someone trying to make it.

Mike: The owner’s only requirement is that he wants people making music, he's looking for the passionate producers.

How do you guys feel about DJs remixing whatever is new and popular?

Noah: Obviously you don’t want a bunch of remixes on your soundcloud but at the same time that’s how we got a lot of attention. The music energy is just so saturated right now. Everybody is making tunes and everyone is putting out material so what the underground producer is looking for is a way to catch people’s eyes. Remixing can tie your original production with songs that an audience can sing along to. But there's a time and place for it.

Mike: It’s a really good feeling to finish an original from beginning to end and we definitely are looking to do more of that in the future.

If you could go back to back with any artist who would it be?

Noah: Ricky Remedy or RL Grime.

Mike: Flosstradamus.

Any advice you wanna throw out to upcoming producers that are looking to improve their music?

Noah: Treat every single person you meet like they’re gonna give you the biggest gig of your life. You wanna be nice and cool to everybody. You never know who you’re gonna meet and you never know who they’ll be in five years. One day it might be someone who comes to your show and next thing you know they’re running a massive music festival. On the other hand if you’re playing at clubs you might have the room at that moment but not everyone will remember your name. If you’re making dope music and putting it on the internet that goes miles in comparison.

Mike: If you’re playing at clubs you might have the room at that moment but not everyone will remember. If you’re making dope music and putting it on the internet that goes miles in comparison. Make music everyday. Develop a schedule and make it a habit. Sometimes it’s tough deciding between playing xbox or EQing a snare for two hours. You literally have to staple your pants to a chair and just do it.

What can we expect from your next EP?

Mike: We worked with these vocalists that were just phenomenal. On top of that we were able to collaborate with Kill System and Riot Ten for the track Paper which is by far our favorite off of the release.

Noah: We were able to challenge ourselves in different ways and we’re stoked to hear what everyone thinks of it!

Checkout the EP HERE and let them know what you think on their Facebook.




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