Halsey's "Drive" Hints at an Eclectic Debut Album

August 24, 2015 -

Milli Encarnacion

Who’s that aqua-tressed singer whose sultry voice glides with mystique between our headphones? Her name is Halsey, and she’s about to ignite an ice-hued flame in this musical culture we live in. Consistently remixed throughout the past year by the likes of Daktyl, TJANI, and Arty, Halsey’s music draws from a range of eclectic influences, resulting in a confection of catchy indie-pop tunes that stack the synths. Her debut album, Badlands, is slated for release on August 28 through Astralwerks, the label that also houses Basement Jaxx and NERVO.

A New Jersey native, Ashley Frangipane spent much of her formative years hanging out with friends on Halsey Street in Brooklyn. The street soon became Frangipane’s creative hub, hence her chosen moniker. 2014 saw the release of the rotation-heavy “Ghost,” an electro-tinged track which peaked at No. 87 on the UK Hot 40. But it was her collaboration with Lido"Slow," that garnered her more recognition in the dance music atmosphere. According to Frangipane's tour tracker, all but three upcoming shows are “sold out” between September 6 and November 19; clearly, the twenty-year-old singer-songwriter is on the rise.

“Drive” leads into the final stretch behind the release of Badlands. Frangipane’s poignant vocals blend into a slow-moving background instrumental, a concoction which equates to an audio illustration of a Xanax-and-oxytocin cocktail. Envision Lorde and Lana Del Rey as romantic partners off the beaten path, with Halsey as their first-born child. But one thing is for sure: she isn’t at home where the palm trees are, unlike Lorde’s Australian fantasy or Del Rey’s Los Angeles playground. “California never felt like home to me,” she sings, minor chords engaged in all their emotional glory. And we’re happy of it; Brooklyn is where Halsey belongs.

Stream her latest track, "Drive," here and check out Daktyl's remix of "Ghost" below.

Halsey is on FacebookTwitter.

Photo by Lexie Allie.

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