Groovin' with Gallant at Bardot Hollywood [6.1.15]

June 4, 2015 -

Jacob Piotrowski

Here at Daily Beat, we are always on the look out for fresh, upcoming talent and as of late we have came across a handful of artists that really took us by surprise. One in particular that stood out to me is R&B singer Gallant. Being one of the artists that we recommended to look out for this year, I had to go and check him out after hearing that he was performing live for the first time. This all took place last Monday, June 1st at Bardot Hollywood for Schoolnight!a weekly event hosted by KCRW's Chris Douridas. The line to get inside the venue went down the block and stretched all the way to the parking lot, with fans anxiously waiting to get in on time for Gallant's set. Even Skrillex showed up to find out what was going to go down that night.


Once everything was set up, Gallant made his way to the stage with his fans eagerly crowding around and cheering before the music even started. To open up, Gallant began with his latest release, a cover of the classic Foo Fighters track Learn To Fly, and got into it right off the bat. Gallant's singing was more than spectacular, with him showing off some of his dance moves while performing. Aside from his own vocals, Gallant was also accompanied by a live band featuring drums, keys, a bass and background vocals to really take his performance to the next level. Gallant could have easily just played his instrumentals in the background and sung over them, but because he took the extra effort to perform with a band, his performance ended up being much more organic and human. At this point in the night it was impossible to move around Bardot because of how many people came to enjoy the jazzy, R&B goodness that is Gallant's music.


When I first listened to Gallant, I was very impressed by the songwriting, production, and sheer quality of his singing. But in today's age where almost every piece of audio is digitally processed to "perfection", I could not help but be a little skeptical of how great a vocalist Gallant would be live. However, after witnessing it for myself there was little to be said. I was simply blown away. Gallant sang with so much energy and passion that he engulfed the room in pure, musical bliss. He is a natural performer, embracing every intimate moment that he had with the crowd. This turned the show into an experience that will be hard for most to forget. I was impressed by how much Gallant was improvising, adding in little riffs here and there to make for a truly one of a kind performance. To finish off the show, Gallant performed Open Up, my personal favorite, which had everyone in the room singing along. After finishing, Gallant dramatically stared off into the distance before silently walking off stage, an act that only a true star could pull off properly. With such quality music and such a high level of showmanship, there is no doubt in my mind that Gallant will soon enough take the world by storm and become one of the next big things in music.




Photographer: Austin Arthur

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