GRiZ @ Webster Hall 4/5/13 NYC

April 8, 2013 -

James Donnelly

This weekend a few of us from Daily-Beats had the pleasure of experiencing the euphoria of a live GRiZ set at the always fun Webster Hall. GRiZ aka Grant Kwiecinski is currently on his "Make Some Noise for Mr. B Spring Tour." To say this man is talented is an understatement. The first time I saw him I thought it was a joke that he would be playing a saxophone while mixing live, but luckily to my amazement it was no joke at all. Kwiecinski took to the stage around 1:30AM to an eager crowd fiending for some of his funky beats and succulent saxophone. To my surprise GRiZ opened up with his most recent release "Gettin' Live," which I was expecting to hear at the end of the night, but was ecstatic to hear.

The jams he was dropping were unstoppable. He played almost every song off of his latest mixtape "Mad Liberation" (can be downloaded for free below), and some great mixes like a version of the Donnie Darko song "Mad World," which I will be scouring the internet for. He also dropped bangers like "Ni**as in Paris," and multiple songs from Pretty Lights, who a lot of people compare GRiZ to.

Amongst the middle of the craziest there I was running back and forth between the main floor downstairs to dance with the crowd and back upstairs to breath, aka drink, and while I'm "breathing" GRiZ whips out his sax and starts pulling out a solo. I immediately run downstairs through the backside of the bathroom door, where the workers now know me as "the dude who is always running through the bathroom but never uses it," to get a video from the floor of him killin' it.

One of my favorite songs from Mad Liberation that he played is "Mr.B" featuring Dominic Lalli from Big Gigantic. This song had basically every person going out of control and if I wasn't dancing so much while it was going on I would upload a video, but I'll save you guys the dizziness, and myself the embarrassment. This song has everything has a touch of glitch, funk, soul, jazz, and a whole bunch of electronic. One would this would be too much for a single song to handle, but GRiZ manages to piece it together beautifully.

Overall the night was a complete blowout and GRiZ put on an amazing show. Everyone will be hearing more from him in the future and I personally am excited to. Philly people can catch him at the Electric Factory on May 1st, I might have to make the trip down for this one, and his tour continues around the country until September. To check out the full list of dates where the Detroit saxoman will be playing go to his website

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