GRiZ My Pants

December 30, 2013 -


It’s been over a year since I’ve been to Terminal 5, so when my friends told me to be there for the hyped up GRiZ show I took it as an opportunity to revisit one of my favorite venues. A night class in Brooklyn has me arrive a bit late, but my friends already at the scene assure me the headliner hasn’t played yet. After I pass the necessary security check I make my way inside.


Past the lobby and into the main room a wave of thick, wet heat hits me; a sign that this crowd has surely warmed up well enough for GRiZ’s impending performance.


Ready to GRiZ my pants, I quickly grab my friends and photographer, Colin Walker, and make use of the guest balcony. Secluded and free to spectate, I survey the crowd below and around, and analyze GRiZ’s set.


Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to much of GRiZ’s catalogue but what I have heard led me to expect a bass heavy performance.


While my predictions were right, as GRiZ dropped a number of edits on hits such as “Gold Dust,” “Fire Hive,” and “Watch Out For This (Bumaye),” he also threw in some surprises such as “Higher” by Destructo, “Don’t Stop The Party” by Pitbull (a pop jam that shockingly fit) and “Low Rider" by War, which had us all bumping in unison.


A flashy stage production provided visual amusement to his performance...


...but what really caught our eyes was the brass in GRiZ’s hands. Adding a live, classic funk element with his signature saxaphone complimented the modern electronic noise in an unexpected way. He seemed to bring us back to a more analog time with each live jam on the sax. It was an unorthodox merger and not one I’m quite accustomed to. But drawing from the crowd’s enthusiasm towards the timeless instrument, the sax certainly worked to differentiate GRiZ’s show from other dance acts.


All in all he threw a great party, leaving every patron with a mouthful smile and a lasting memory.


For more photos click here.


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