Gorgon City: Going One Deeper, All Night

January 25, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

On Saturday, the 10th of January, UK garage house super-duo Gorgon City made a stop at Bang Bang, SD to rock the groovy beat. The night was driven with tunes from the finest of the deeper side of house -- like EDX's Dubai Skyline Remix of Nora en Pure and Sons of Maria's "Uruguay," a personal favorite -- with tracks from their album "Sirens" and their recently released single "Go All Night." Afterwards, we were given the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations, instruments of preference, and the artist to be on the look-out for this year. For more on all the juicy details, scroll one deeper into the sub-aquatic world that is Gorgon City.

DB: How does your live show differ from your deejay sets? What instruments do you play, if any, and what's your go-to?

GC: We play all of our own songs live with a few special surprises included. We play all the keys, synths, bass, and samples live on various synthesizers and drum pads. We also have a drummer -- Tugg -- who plays the beats on an electric-acoustic kit which we pre-program with our own drum sounds.

DB: Who are your current and all-time favorites in the music industry -- both EDM and non-EDM -- and why? Did any of these have a hand in shaping your sound into what it is today?

GC: We're massive fans of underground UK dance music. Drum & Bass and Garage are a big influence for us, and have helped us create what we make today.

DB: If you could collaborate with anyone in the scene, who would it be and why?

GC: George Ezra is a great singer from the UK. We'd love to work with him. He sounds unique and you might not expect him to be on a dance record.

DB: There’s a peculiar divide within the EDM world: there are deejays that tend to cater to the masses by performing an exceptionally grand show backed by club and big-room-friendly tracks – like Hardwell, Martin Garrix, and Tiesto – and producers that tend to do their own thing regardless of public taste and club-friendliness – like deadmau5, Soundprank, and Porter Robinson. Where do you think that you stand amongst the two?

GC: We deejay underground house music, and we add our own tracks and remixes. We think it's very important to play the music that we love as well as the music that influences us in order to expose every crowd to sounds that they may not know too much about.

DB: What artist(s) do you think we should look out for this year, and why?

GC: Kidnap Kid is amazing -- his sound is very unique and interesting. He's a great deejay.

Be sure to check-out their unmissable act at The Fonda Theatre, LA on the 20th and at the Mezzanine, SF on the 21st of February.

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