Getting Nautical on Boats 'N Hoes 2: 11 Photos that Potray the Voyage

August 28, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

As the countdown to Boats N Hoes 2 began, the event page flooded with memes, tunes, and excited conversations sending the anticipation through the roof. Being presented with an outstanding line up of Electro, House, DNB, and 2-Step DJ's, was just the beginning of the hype. This was only the second (we hope to be annual) installment of this party and for most of the attendees, their first voyage. The line to board stretched for blocks down the street as the crew prepped the boat for the nights festivities. At promptly 11pm, we started to board and that's where this nautical adventure began.


11. The Cabana

10560546_602834563167816_7360647256287397940_o Our two-story transportation and party venue for the night illuminated the sky with blue rope lights as it sat in the harbor awaiting it's guests. This sold out show filled the boat to capacity of 300 naughty nauticals.

10. The Inspiration

10560479_602837359834203_3695160868806685857_o A year ago, the crew over at Groove Therapy Records were so inspired by the epic music video, Boats & Hoes by Prestige Worldwide, in the hit comedy Step Brothers, that they decided to make a whole party out of it! This second year was an even bigger success.

9. The Hype

10629318_602835073167765_1163502127963614613_o Gage of Groove Therapy gets the hype going with his big room and festival beats up on the top floor sky deck.

8. The Vibes


The Double Dragon (Golden Child vs Sblendid Selections) bring their good vibes and groovy beats to the sky deck, where it's impossible not to dance. All vibes aboard were positive vibes.

7. The Apparel

1598671_602835063167766_3742661497498266263_oThose on board pulled out all the stops as they dressed for the special occasion. Girls in stripes and bright red lipstick and guys in sailor hats swarmed the boat. After all, the theme WAS boats & hoes.

6. The Skyline

10534831_602836069834332_6594125061671744325_o If all the madness on board had temporarily fogged the fact that you were sailing around the Big Apple, all you had to do was glance out at this view to bring you right back down to this almost unimaginable reality.

5. The Locals

10628735_602834643167808_2210551877328062783_o All DJ's who spun this night were locals making many of them good friends. Hiyawatha had a special opening set downstairs.

4. The View

1899860_602837413167531_871720816313762314_o I remember, at one point, getting down to DJ Dali and them emerging from the deck cover to see that the boat had halted in front of this beauty, where we remained for a good 10 minutes. Even the NY natives aboard stopped to snap some photos of her.

3. Huff & Dobak

1900490_602839609833978_2537835338481709645_o What would a Boats 'N Hoes party be without the stepbrothers who started it all?

2. The Secret Headliner

10492952_602837846500821_7440674191844630683_o If you didn't spot him on board before his set, you definitely heard his hard hitting house beats once he took the decks. Brooklyn based DJ/producer, Codes, was the secret special guest making this party even greater than originally expected.

1. The Crew of the Night

10624054_602837099834229_5850649965205974006_o From coming up with the idea in the first place to organizing everything to a T, BP2 was to thank for all their incredible efforts that made this voyage an overwhelming success. A HUGE thanks to all the DJ's that made the boat rock and as one shipper put it, "Next year we're gonna need a bigger boat!"

See the full album here.

Photos by Freedom Film LLC

CC: Christopher Lazarro

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