Getter Explains That Country is Deader than Dubstep and His Theory on The Naked Girl @ Keys N Krates

January 23, 2015 -

Ashlyn Fulton

This past Sunday, Epic and Contrast put together an event at Amazura that jumped through a multitude of Electronic Music genres. From Trap to Hardstyle to heavy Dubstep; which is what Getter (Tanner Petula) is all about. When walking in the door to Amazura you could tell that practically everyone attending the event were there to rave to the consistent thumping sounds of Hardstyle, but Getter was most definitely not there to play by those rules. As soon as he came in, we grabbed him for a quick interview. We couldn't even stay in the green room because the Hardstyle was too, well, hard. So we went out into the freezing cold and laughed our asses off for a good 20 minutes throughout the interview process. It's always nice when giving an interview that feels more like a conversation than just standing there questioning someone about what the do and who they are. Here's what he had to say about his journey into Firepower Records, BASSment Saturdays at Webster Hall, DJ BLANK, and so much more:




DB: What’s the story about how you got involved with Firepower Records?

GETTER: Well, I was making music for a while, for like a year or two, and I was making it my own style. I would post everything on my own. I then played a couple of shows with Datsik, got drunk with him a few times, and I was under age so it was illegal. One day he gave me his contact and I was like, 'Cool.' Then I started to send him shit here and there and he was like, 'This is cool. Oh I’ll play this,' whatever. And then he was like, 'I’m starting a label, you should be the second release on it.' That led to me doing a second release, a third release, and then a tour. So, It kind of snowballed from there. It was really right time, right place.

DB: Did you play in any bands when you were younger?

GETTER: I had like 5 failed metal bands. We were called like, Mouth of Saron, Demera, The Boogaloo Swamp Ride, um what else? Silence the Oppression. (Laughs) Just like, stupid little fuckin’ high school Metal bands. I played drums, guitar, bass, keys, and vocals. We would play it all.

DB: Yeah, what kind of instruments do you play?

GETTER: I suck at guitar, but I play a little bit. I play drums… I did play drums. I’m just staring now to play the piano. I’m buying a Rhodes piano pretty soon but they’re fuckin’ crazy. Umm, that’s pretty much it.

DB: Do you ever think about incorporating those into a live set?

GETTER: I’ve tried it. I’ve been making metal on my computer again. It’s just hard. It’s such a good idea to put Metal with Dubstep but when you do it, it just sounds like shit.


DB: Who were some of the first electronic music artists to influence you to start producing?

GETTER: Well the first one ever, that I heard, I was in high school and my friend played me, I believe it was Cockney Thug or Where’s My Money, and I was like, ‘Yo!’ So, that was a pretty big influence. So probably like Caspa, Rusko, Datsik and then Excision, Staga, Traga, all the aga’s (laughs) Staga, Craga, Mouth of the Daga. Yeah, just all the early on shit. Big Chocolate.

DB: Oh yeah, he was in the BASSment recently; Webster Hall BASSment.

GETTER: He has a huge beard now!

DB: You played in the BASSment recently, didn’t you?

GETTER: Oh yeah, I’ve played there so many times. It’s like my favorite place. It’s so much fun. I remember one time I played there I got so drunk with Annie... she’s a homie! And like, I ended up… So, I played this show and before the show I got drunk, and I got drunk on stage, and I got drunk after. So, it was the only show where I’ve been blackout and I made my flight, I don’t know how, the next day. I ended up like, I guess I... tried to punch a guy and then I went to a pizza place and bought everybody pizza…

DB: Ray’s Pizza! Right down the street.

GETTER: Yea, and then I went to my hotel room and puked everywhere and passed out. Then I wake up and there is puke everywhere. There is puke in the bath and shit. And I’m like, ‘What the fuck?’ Then I reach in my pocket and there's a fuckin' Polaroid picture of me just like… (makes retarded face) like I stole someone’s Polaroid and went (makes capture sound) and waited for it to develop.

DB: (Cracking up)

GETTER: And that’s the BASSment for ya. (Laughs) Let’s get back on track here.

DB: Phewww, ok. Besides being the name of a track off of your new album, what does the phrase ‘Dubstep is dead’ mean to you?

GETTER: Because everyone is saying it’s dead. Which, it kind of fuckin’ is and people need to accept that and stop bitching about it.

DB: I don’t think it’s dead, it’s just…

GETTER: The evolution of Dubstep is dead. It’s come to a halt and there will always be Dubstep and people will be making it. But the fact of the matter is that unless someone like Skrillex comes around again and changes it, flips it on its fuckin’ ear… Because everyone is just copying each other now and that’s what it’s come to. But, hey, whatever. I still like it, everyone else still likes it, ya know? I don’t think it’s dead. If it were dead no one would be talking about it or listening to it. Like, Country is... Country music is [deader]than Dubstep because like… raise your hand if you like Country.

(No one moves)

GETTER: Raise your hand if you like Dubstep.

(All raise our hands)

GETTER: There ya go. Country music is [deader] than Dubstep.

DB: Name some up-and-coming artists not on Firepower Records that you could see yourself collaborating with.

GETTER: INFEKT. With a K. Megalodon, Habstrakt.

DB: Alright, name 3 tracks you rotate consistently in each set.

GETTER: Yasuo by Crowell & Bommer. Every set, that’s a must. Project Ghost by Must Die! And the Burial remix by Skrill and Trollphace.

DB: Beautiful. If time travel existed, to what time period would you travel and why?

GETTER: I’d probably go to the future.

DB: I was hoping you’d say that!

GETTER: Are we allowed to come back?

DB: Yeah!

GETTER: I would go to the future and be like, ‘What music is poppin’? Okay.’ And then I’d make that music and be the lord of music. Or everyone will be like, ‘That’s fuckin’ stupid.’ And then I’ll be a legend in 20 years.


DB: So, you’ve obviously heard what happened at the Keys N Krates show down in Tampa…

GETTER: You want to know my theory on that? That was a Keys N Krates set up. That shit does not fuckin’ happen! Like, those dudes are geniuses with their social media and with their music and they’re fuckin’ awesome. There is no fuckin’ way that a girl got naked at a show or went to the show naked and climbed on stage. There’s no way that she climbed on stage and did everything and then they’re like, ‘Whoa, a naked girl!’ That had to have been planned.

DB: The manager was pretty slow to catch her.

GETTER: Yeah, and he was like, ‘Are you guys getting’ this? You getting’ it? Oh shit! Oh no, can everyone see this? I’m freaking out.’ (sarcastic voice) So, I think it was set up by Keys N Krates but it was genius! Everyone is still talking about it. That shit got like 4 million plays in 2 days.

DB: Have you seen anything remotely like that at any of your shows?

GETTER: Yeah, I played in Minneapolis at Skyway and this bitch got on some dudes shoulders and took her shirt off and started pouring beer on her chest and we’re like, ‘Is this cool? Okay.’ So, we all started pouring beer on her tits. That’s pretty much the closest thing. Except for that video of Danny Brown getting his dick sucked on stage. You see that shit?

DB: Yeah.

GETTER: He didn’t even skip a bar he was just like (makes rapping sounds). Holy shit. Dude’s really cool.

DB: What would you do if a naked girl came up to you on stage and tried to get a piggyback ride?

GETTER: I’d probably be like, ‘Hey. I’ll kick you out unless you do some crazy shit.’ And I’d tell her to take a shit right on stage. I’d be like ‘If you don’t take a shit right there, I’m going to have you arrested.’ That’s what I would do. Or I’d do one of those fake-outs and then she’d eat shit and everyone would see her vag or butt hole. She'd have a poopy ass.

DB: If you could chose 2 DJs to be your parents, who would they be and why?

GETTER: Probably Daft Punk. Just Daft Punk because they don't talk. I'd be like, ‘Dad, I’m going to go smoke crack, sky dive, and fuck a bitch.’ And they'd just be like (does the robot). So, Daft Punk definitely. But if I were being serious, my mom would be Steve Aoki and my dad would be Tiesto, because he barley speaks English.

DB: I've gotten Tiesto as an answer before because he's old and wise. But why Steve Aoki? And why as your mom?

GETTER: Steve is just totally mom material. Like my mom is all jumpy but he'd be like ‘Yo, happy birthday! Here are 90 cakes! Here you go, son.’ I’d be like, ‘Thanks Mom, Steve Aoki!’

DB: Do you have any strange rituals that you do before you go on stage?

GETTER: I eat a lot.

DB: Is that just before you go on stage, or all the time?

GETTER: Nah, I just eat a lot. Just in general. I’m just letting you guys know. But to answer the question, really nothing. I kind of just show up and do my thing. I should probably have a ritual though.

DB: How does it feel when you play your hometown, or close to your hometown?

GETTER: So, it’s either really fuckin’ tight, because all my friends are there and all the faggots that I went to high school with who used to pick on me are there and are like, ‘Dude! I Love it!’ And I’m like, ‘Fuck you, dude. I’m up here. I make more money than you. Suck my dick.’ The worst is when I play there and nobody comes because everybody is out doing something. So, cool, I play in my hometown and no one comes.

DB: That’s actually happened?!

GETTER: Oh yeah. Mostly because of the venue or Spring Break. All my friends go to Cabo or some shit.

DB: Who has been your favorite artist to tour with and why?

GETTER: Datsik, of course, Terravita, pretty much anyone from Firepower. They’re cool dudes. I haven’t really been on a tour bus with anyone except for the Firepower people so I can really say anyone on the Firepower crew. Or Victor Niglio. I’ve never been on tour with him but I met him for the first time on NYE and that guy is like the nicest dude ever.

DB: Oh yeah, how was the New Years show?!

GETTER: It was fun. I got SO fucked up.

DB: It was New Years, of course you did. I know Mark (Subset) was there.

GETTER: Oh yeah, he got the ball drop spot. It was really cool.

DB: So, what’s next for you?

GETTER: I have another record coming out. I’m going more into licensing, like I want to scoot back more from DJing. DJing is fun but it’s very temporary. I want to get permanent work with music. So I want to get music in video games, commercials, and movies. I don’t want to make music for them. I want to make music and them be like, ‘We want to use this.’ Besides that, I have a release coming out on BLANK. It was supposed to come out 3 months ago but I dunno… Got a pretty gnarly collab in there and they’re just finishing it off. It’s me and BLANK. So, there is that and then a tour I'm doing pretty soon with BLANK. Its going to be really cool. It’s from BLANK to BLANK.

DB: This BLANK guy must be an amazing new artist. We’ll have to look him up.

GETTER: (laughs) He’s cool. He’s gnarly.… It’s BLANK_BLANK420 So, look it up.

DB: I feel like you’ve been on the road for a while.

GETTER: Kind of, yeah. I just had a month off and I built a studio in my house so I’ve been hitting tunes. And I Just got sick, like 2 days ago. I almost didn’t come out here. No, sorry. This whole past week I’ve been like bedridden and pooping everywhere and puking. And then yesterday I woke up and my shit down here (grabs his stomach) was all fucked up. So I rushed myself to the emergency room and they’re like, ‘Hey, your appendix burst. You need to get in there now.’ So I went in and they’re like, ‘Syke, your appendix didn’t burst but there is something going on in there so we’ll figure it out.' So 3 hours in pain and they come back like, ‘It’s some weird shit with your stuff but it’s cool, you’ll live. Here’s a bunch of Vicodin.’ So, I have to go live with this now. But, hey, I made it here!


Interview and article by Ashlyn Fulton and Ally Manzo

Photo Credit: Ronnie C. Photography

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