April 14, 2015 -

Sydney Jow

When you enter the shadow-filled world of Gesaffelstein you may be disoriented, cautious, and shaken. But fear not, the dark prince of techno knows exactly what he's doing, and he's damn good at it. It comes clear that the demonic, obscure, and piercing is what draws the mysterious French producer. With nothing but an alter and minimal flashing spotlights, Gesaffelstein looks up only to light his cigarette as he operates his turn tables like a mad scientist.

So what makes Gesaffelstein so special? Why does he conjure such a ravenous, cult following? The answer is in his craft. His seemingly brooding and standoffish demeanor could be mistaken as arrogance and distaste. But is is not; it is his true and all-consuming devotion to his music that leads him to stand above the money-hungry DJ system he is constantly asked to join. His cryptic theme is purposely unique, in a constant battle with himself to produce something more inexplicable, more villainous. This is not your euphoric-bring-me-to-the-light electronic experience. Gesa's style is devilish and galvanizing, delirious and impure is the best possible way. He invites you to explore the provocative and sinister, one beat at a time.

This past Wednesday marked Gesa's unofficial last NYC show. It was announced earlier this year via an overwhelmingly vague Facebook post that Coachella 2015 would be the enigmatic Yeezus collaborator's last live performance. With a low level of inference skills on our part, that meant that his past show at Output would be his last appearance in New York City. Tickets sold out months before; and to no one's surprise, Wythe's Ave's ever stirring venue was packed to capacity. If I could describe this event in one word...well... I couldn't. Intense. Overwhelming. Arousing. Satanic. Crazed. Sexy. Absolutely mental. All of the above and more!

In his classic attire, donning a black suit, cigarette in hand, wearing sunglasses in the club at 3am (because when you're Gesaffelstein the time of day does not dictate reasonable eye-wear), the French magus took us on a journey into his deep, viscous, manic world. With the bold first move of opening with Pursuit, it seemed that track after track had us traveling to an exponentially higher level of energy.  Dropping an array of Gesa/Bromance classics throughout the night like Control Movement, Viol, and Hellifornia, Mr. Mike Levy gave us the relentless and violent set we were asking for.

A sad night indeed for Gesaffelstein fans to say goodbye to their dark prince. We can be sure that the producer will continue to make music and perhaps start a new live tour after some reconsideration! Long live Gesa!

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