My Friday Night in New York with Teknartist

January 28, 2014 -

Ryan Farber

This past Friday I headed up to New York with my good friend Coedy (Teknartist) for an impromptu night at Pacha.  The lineup was as follows: Teknartist, Lucky Date, Hard Rock Sofa, Congorock, and a closing set by Fightclvb.  Insanity.  I was fortunate enough to get an all-access photography pass, and captured some great moments throughout the night.

I will introduce this article with a slightly re-worded version of the intro to Law and Order:

"In the Electronic Dance Music Scene, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The DJ's who provide the soundtrack to the night and the photographers who document it. These are their stories."

Coedy started his set off with some tech house vibes to ease everyone into the night.  He then began to drop some originals (Voltage, Vital Signs, and my personal favorite, Dare) which went over all too well.


He was then greeted by a very excited Lucky Date who was about to rock the crowd with one of the best sets of the night (in my opinion).


I went up to Jordan (Lucky Date) giddy as a school girl, whipped out my phone, opened Instagram (follow me! @sweatersss_) and hurriedly showed him the picture I took of him at Zedd's show in Philly (Check out the album here).  I was like, "Hey! You like some of my pictures on Instagram! I'm the guy who took this!"  I wanted to put a face to a name finally.  Coedy liked it loud in the booth, so I couldn't really fashion an intelligible response from Jordan, but the surprised and animated reaction on his face told me everything I needed to know.  We shook hands and he was on his way to spin.


Lucky Date did his thing...


…and then I eventually branched off and did my own thing for a bit, talking to  some people in the VIP section, and seeking out characters for a picture or two.




After that it was Hard Rock Sofa Time.  I was quickly ushered out of the booth as the staff made way for their entrance.  Apparently they were shooting a music video, so they had their own camera crew with them.  They told me I would be allowed back in once everything settled down.  I was still reeling from the fact that no one kicked me out of the booth yet.  Normally at this time in other clubs and venues, security and staff are super uptight about who is in the booth.  That little purple wristband I had on was a powerful weapon, however.


Got some shots of Hard Rock.


I also ran into Angelica, who was friends with the visuals guy in the booth.  She told me it was her first time at Pacha.  We started talking about a company she started called Pop Up Yoga NYC which had a really cool concept behind it.  Basically the idea was to take yoga out of the studio and into the urban environment, whether it was on rooftops, markets, parks or schools.  Thats her on the left.  Super cool chick!


Then, all of the sudden, Coedy yells over to me, "ADVENTURE CLUB JUST CALLED, WE ARE GOING TO LAVO!"  He seemed urgent to get out the door, but we had a few more drinks and took our time.  So we jumped in a cab to one of NY's exclusive clubs, Lavo.  Coedy said some magical words to the bouncers and they let us waltz right in.  Apparently there was some absurd cover upwards of $100.  Cool.  The security was pretty adamant about me having my camera in there so I didn't get too many shots off unfortunately.  But after one of the sets, we found ourselves stumbling back outside with Leighton from Adventure Club ready to go back to Pacha.

We arrived back at Pacha just in time for Congorock's set...


…and then Fightclvb's crew walked in and this happened...


…and then Leighton strolls into the booth with about 12 female companions in tow...


…and of course I had to get a selfie with him...


So there we were.  Me, Coedy, Congorock, Leighton from Adventure club.  Chilling.  Coedy stepped aside for a minute to FaceTime Lucky Date.  He thought it was the funniest thing.  Apparently he gave the phone to Leighton and he put it down his pants.  This is all speculation of course.  I also ran into another fellow photographer who showed me a bunch of his pics from Holy Ship, and I basked in the glory of his shots as he told me about Skrillex's deep house set.  He turned out to be a producer/DJ as well, so we were in similar boats (Except I wasn't on Holy Ship.  Sad Face.).  He told me he was actually spinning at Pacha the following week.

And then before we knew it, it was the next day and we were ready to depart back to little ol' Philly.


Looking back on the night, nothing too insane happened to us, but it was just an all around solid, fun time.  Good people, great vibes, everything just worked out.  I can only image what it's like to be on tour and to have these nights, every night.  Soon...


-Ryan Farber


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