FRENCH EXPRESS @ VERBOTEN [2.21.15]: ZEITGEIST: Moon Boots, Jonas Rathsman, Perseus, Isaac Tichauer

February 20, 2015 -

Sydney Jow

This year Verboten is taking on the massive honor of curating talent for Mysteryland USA (taking place over Memorial Day Weekend); leading up to the festival will be a series of artistically driven events, presenting these chosen artists, at Brooklyn's premiere nightclub.

First up is French Express, who in collaboration with Zeitgeist, will be showcasing a monumental lineup on Saturday, February 21 - four impressively groovy artists under the record label are set to perform and light Verboten ablaze with soulful future disco vibes until the early hours of the next morning.

A unique rarity in itself, Moon Boots, Jonas Rathsman, Perseus, AND Isaaac Tichauer, that's right... all FOUR members of the French Express label, will be mixing on this memorable night - and to raise the stakes even higher, this event marks one of the last shows Perseus will ever play (he plans to start performing under his real name, Leon Oziel, with a brand new sound).

A little bit about what to expect, (as if you needed further convincing)...

Moon Boots is the epitome of feel-good, funktastic, nu-disco - He mixes with small but smart portions of instrumentals that pull at your heart; while deep, rich, house inspired beats bring you low to the ground with tangible melodies. Influenced by R&B Boogie records and underground disco; in simplest terms: you can't help but dance when Moon Boots is playing. Check out an MB classic, Got Somebody, or one of his newer releases, There's No Love (available for free download here).

Jonas Rathsman took the scene by storm in 2013; after the insane success of his coveted BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, Rathsman continued to make waves in the disco world and is a vital component of the French Express label. A big fan of loud sounds, strong vocals, and funky beats; this artist's music is exclusively the type that makes you want to grab the person next to you and dance -- arms up, legs grooving, until the break of dawn. My personal favorite is his recent release, Feeling Youif you want a more well-rounded appreciation for his work, listen to his Essential Mix here.

Isaac Tichauer, a producer of trades, is known for consistently and successfully fusing together classic and contemporary house. Anytime a producer has roots in classical music, they undoubtedly possess an element of sharpness that shines through in their work. Tichauer's background as a classically trained pianist, in combination with his influences from the Detroit house scene, makes for one massive signature sound. Call it cliche, but when this guy plays, it is seriously a journey. He is commonly known for his continuous mixtape series, which always garners a greatly positive response - for a more recent release, check out his latest EP, Take Over You.

Perseus, aka the original founder of French Express (can you believe he named this record label after his blog?), started taking his passions to the scene back in 2010. He knew he needed a unique, vibe-friendly sound -- so he recruited Chris Malinchak and Moon Boots as part of his disco-driven team. Since then, Perseus has brought to light a number of massively talented and innovative artists. And with an acute ear for rare and exceptional sounds, its no surprise he puts on a damn good show himself. Check out one of his many fluid, soul-filled tracks, called Shadow of the Beast. (honestly, how can you not love a track this good?)

On this night, Perseus will be showcasing one of his last performances ever - as he plans to create a new, intergalactic sound, inspired by his origins: he describes it as uplifting, "romantic" techno - under his given name, Leon Oziel.

A lineup of pure, bright, disco heaven is on its way! If you're game to dance all night long, Verboten is the place to do it.


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