Flying Lotus: Hollywood Forever Cemetery

October 18, 2017 -

Daily Beat Staff

STEVE!!! This was the last breath that every fan was yelling on Saturday the 14th @ Flying Lotus' Hollywood Forever Cemetery show. The famous location set for an infectious mood of excitement and wonder for what would be an amazing night. Flying Lotus, otherwise known as Steve Ellison is famous for putting on mind-altering shows that leave his fans in space and time. Flying Lotus' previous Tour that hit Hollywood featured the LA Philharmonic Orchestra and truly transcended what any modern day experimental multi-genre music producer is doing. After such an incredible show, Flying Lotus decided to go even bigger. Having just come of making his first film, Kuso, it was easy to see the movie had a big influence on the 3-D show that Hollywood experienced.

With an amazing track list of songs and mind blowing 3-D visuals, it was hard to really understand the gravity of what Flying Lotus was doing. With lasers pinpointing palm trees all throughout the Cemetery and behind the stage, it was a true spectacle of brilliance. Flying Lotus brought Thundercat, the true "Bass God" to open for him and by no surprise he and his band set an incredible mood for the night. His calm and relaxing, mind fuck of a set really got the audience prepared for what Flying Lotus had planned. Both Flying Lotus and Thundercat were introduced by none other than the very funny and sometimes outlandish, Hannibal Buress. Hannibal eased the crowd during the downtime and really helped moved the night along. There was no doubt that Flying Lotus went with a lineup that would put both himself and the crowd in the most comfortable mood for the show.


Flying Lotus has been a controversial figure within the music industry but seems to never let it slow him down. With the recent events that have taken place with the Gaslamp Killer, it seems that Flying Lotus used his platform to his defend his friend William Benjamin Bensussen. He finished his onstage statement by adding, "Ain’t nobody judge and jury but the fucking law, okay? Thank you guys so much for coming, let truth and justice have its day."

Since the show, Flying Lotus has taken a lot of heat from both fans and people who are simply bothered by his statements. Many in the audience also came to defend him, stating that he spoke many more words than the ones put out on social media and that there was no real hostility at all. Flying Lotus has since apologized and has made it clear that he understands the severity of his statements:

I wanted to sincerely apologize for my comments at my show. I realize they were insensitive," he said. "This is a tough time for all of us, as men and women. I'm having trouble finding my voice in all of this. I am truly heartbroken. My stage has always been a place for what's in my heart until now. I feel as internet-wielding people we have to learn to give each other space to feel, to honor each other's reactions and experiences without bullying. I care about this community and its impact so much.

Nonetheless if you consider yourself a fan of Flying Lotus all I can say is you must make it to his show if it is near you! I have no doubt in believing it will be one of the greatest and most spectacular shows you will ever have seen up-to-date.

The 3-D spectacular is going to be at the: Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA on the 20th and the 22nd, Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, NV on the 26th, and Observatory North Park San Diego, CA on the 27th

Photo from AXS

Written by Kareem Zeenni

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