Flo-Pilot Releases Music Video "Perfect Vision"

January 31, 2021 -

Damask Schantz

Multi-Genre producer, Flo-Pilot releases his first music video on his 30th Birthday Feb. 1, 2021. The track “Perfect Vision” was released on New Years' Eve 2020 and is an homage to the introspective year. This video features Flo-Pilot’s two closest collaborators, Lucy Hall & Vegas Valentine.

Flo-Pilot is the brain child of Bronx native, Nick LaMantia. Now living in Brooklyn, Flo-Pilot produces and DJs a variety of styles of music. The eclectic music scene of his hometown has always inspired him to weave through different genres.

The music video shows a satirical expression of the perspective of the 2020 experience from 3 different creative minds and plays on the D.I.Y nature of the project; Flo-Pilot is known for his D.I.Y. ethics. “Perfect Vision” both sonically and visually showcases the range of art that the trio are known for making together with a blend of their signature spins on Pop, Hip-Hop, and Bass Music. The video also showcases local dancers, Julz Romell, Legz, and Hype Man Kev elevating the visual component with striking hip-hop moves over the drops.

“It was important to me to play on the idea of ‘2020’ vision with the people I make music with the most. I just wanted to have fun with the idea and create something with the resources we have.”

Flo-Pilot, known for his raw expression delivers powerful messages from 2020 of resilience, overcoming your fears, being your authentic self, and manifesting your dreams with hard hitting lyrics by Hall and Valentine such as:

“If nobody hates you, no-one knows you exist”

“Knowin’ what you want and getting to the bag, chopin’ it up, and lookin’ bad, bad, bad”

“We don’t give a fuck, they wish the had our swag” “Perfect Vision got it in my sight”

“I got an appetite for manifesting all of my destiny, who you think you fuckin’ if you testing’ me”

This is not the first time Lucy Hall has appeared on a Flo-Pilot track. The two have been collaborating on music for the past two years and have released a music video together at the end of 2020. During the beginning of quarantine, Hall and Flo-Pilot acquired a venue space in Williamsburg, The Lit Room, which is where the video was shot. The Lit Room has been a central hub for them and their peers to have space to create art in the past year.

This is not Vegas Valentine’s first feature on a Flo-Pilot track either. The two have a long history of working on each other's projects in various ways. Flo-Pilot has worked with Vegas Valentine for several releases over the past 3 years. Flo-Pilot and Valentine are no strangers to theatrics with many of their songs accompanied by dancers, costumes, and visuals during live performances.

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