Five tips to consider before attending Ultra Music Festival

March 17, 2016 -

Daily Beat Staff

Before and during Ultra Music Festival each year, hundreds of people come unprepared and forget some of the most important amenities to include in their necessities list for the weekend. Some of these obvious items get left at home or just forgotten about altogether. We're here to help you remember and to remind you of how important they really are. You should bring/do the following....

1. CamelBak for water:


Ultra offers several amenities on-site, but one many forget to realize is that the water is FREE and available to you as often as necessary. All you need is something to carry it in and you're set. There's no excuse to get dehydrated if you prepare properly. CamelBak's go on like a backpack and can stay glued to you while you dance so get one before Friday! Check out the INFO section on Ultra's website to learn more.

2. A good pair of shoes:

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Many underestimate the amount of time they spend on their feet at Ultra. On the first day, it may only be 6-7 hours, but on the second and third day, it's 10-12. I recommend wearing some sort of running shoe or plainly something comfortable that will allow you to stand/walk around for extended hours.

3. Cash for food/snacks:


Dehydration is one thing, but lack of nourishment is another. When you're moving around, using up a lot of energy for long periods of time, you lose the nutrients you once had at the beginning of the afternoon. Bring at least $15-$20 bucks and make it a point to stop for food at different times during the festival each day. BE SMART.

4. Solidify a meeting place with friends:


At a big festival with thousands of attendees, it's easy to get lost amongst the crowd. Something as simple as agreeing on a meeting place at a certain time before you walk into the festival can make things a lot easier on everyone. Give a time frame, location, then relax and have a good time.

5. Download the official Ultra Music Festival Mobile App:


Why struggle trying to figure out who is playing at what stage or which direction to go in? Download the VERY helpful mobile app and watch your stresses vanish before your eyes. It's available for Apple AND Android users and includes things such as artist/lineup info (set times & stages), GPS coordinated map to guide you throughout the festival, an up-to-the-minute news feed of all happenings, updated UMF Radio experience, video content by UMF TV, a camera including custom filter features and a customizable schedule for you and your friends.

PLEASE take our advice and don't waste your own precious time. Take note of these tips and you'll be good to go. See you this weekend 🙂  Visit for more info

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