Finding Sonic Bliss In Emancipator's "Dusk to Dawn" Remix Album

July 10, 2015 -

Liane Robinson

When Emancipator announces the release of an album of remixes, the music world stops what they are doing and instantly takes notice. After nearly 2.5 years since its first release in early 2013, Dusk to Dawn has undergone a sonic transformation, turning an already iconic Emancipator album into another true work of art. Since 2006 Doug Appling, known to most as Emancipator, has been defying musical bounds and bending genres to create melodies so enchanting that one album just won't suffice. Released on Appling's own Loci Records Label, the Dusk to Dawn remix album is nothing short of a masterpiece with incredible artists such as Frameworks, Odesza, Little People, Erothyme, D.V.S* and saQi combining their unique sound with Emancipators soulful symphonic layers to put a new spin on old favorites.


The 11 track album both begins and ends with remixes of the original song "Dusk to Dawn" with UK native Frameworks kicking off the album and Merkaba Music's own Erothyme bringing up the rear; both recreating the signature song in a way only they are able to. Frameworks sultry sonic layers meshed with addictive drum beats and a harmonious chorus balance out Erothyme's almost hip hop-esque feeling with its delicious beat and heavy synths layered over a perfectly composed bass line.

Odesza's remix of "Eve II" was released a few days ago and has already gained mainstream attention by hitting the #1 spot on Hype Machine and bringing the electronic duo Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight to new fame heights. Odesza has seen much success and momentum lately and praise of their "Eve II" remix comes to no surprise to us. By upping the tempo and adding a deep tropical house vibe with ephemeral flute accents, Odesza's "Eve II" remix is transformed into a dance floor powerhouse with the potential to be the perfect summertime anthem stuck on repeat.

From start to finish this album is impeccable, from Loci's own D.V.S* violin filled melodies of "Merlion" to saQi's funky uptempo and brass filled rendition of "Galapagos" to 9 Theory's sultry piano playing and sexy vocals in "Natural Cause".  This album is a journey through a land of sonic bliss where each turn is unexpected and different from the rest and all uniquely perfect in their own way. Emancipator is known for pushing bounds musically and collaboratively and the Dusk to Dawn Remix Album is the perfect indication of where he draws his own inspiration from. By hand selecting some of the most talented and incredible artists from multi genre backgrounds to recreate one of his most acclaimed to fame albums, Emancipator continues to keep us inspired every step of the way.

You can listen to the entire 11 track album on Emancipator's Soundcloud or purchase the entire album on his Bandcamp. You can catch Emancipator performing this summer at several festivals such as Camp Bisco, Arise Festival and Symbiosis Gathering.


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