FIGURE Destroys The Yost

March 7, 2015 -

Bradley J. Callison

Week after week, The Yost in Santa Ana, CA has one upped themselves. Thursday March 5 was no exception. With FIGURE headlining, GRZZLY and Dirty Deeds going B2B after a solid opening set by STAY2UNED, there was no lack of energy the entire evening. I have had the pleasure of attending The Yost for their weekly HAVOC Thursdays over the past 4 months and every time has been better than the time before. Whether it be the lineup, which is top notch every week, the energy, the crowd or whatever may go down on any given night, The Yost and White Rabbit Group manage to outdo themselves each time. The White Rabbit Group is also easy to work with and do an outstanding job at making the Daily Beat family welcome at each and every show.


I arrived in time to catch STAY2UNED' set and overall it was a pretty good set. Dropping mainly trap and house along with his own productions, the crowd and myself enjoyed his set and definitely got things going early. The local from nearby Rancho Cucamonga gave it his all and it paid off nicely. To go along with a good set, he was mixing was very decent and the whole set flowed rather nicely. As The Yost became more and more packed with the anxious crowd, I don't think any of us knew what we were in store for next.


Up next was a b2b set unlike any other b2b I've seen. GRZZLY came up first and the massive man put his massive music right in our faces. It was barely 12am and some of us were already drenched in sweat. This was my first time seeing GRZZLY or Dirty Deeds and I gotta say these two should take this b2b thing seriously. The rawness and craziness that came out of those speakers that night was pure and beautiful chaos. You would think this would have been a headlining set by the way the two went back and forth and threw down the grime. Dirty Deeds is a ICON product and GRZZLY is from Southern California and the two definitely brought the California love and filth. A perfect blend and mash of dubstep, drum and bass and trap and combining all three into what I believe as the best combination of genres in electronic dance music. These two might be on to something and I can only hope future collaborations and back-to-back sets continue.


FIGURE. The man has been doing his own thing since 2009 and began with electro house. Since then he has dove into drumstep, drum and bass, dubstep and everything in between. Whether touring or at his home in Evansville, Indiana, FIGURE has managed to stay at the top  while keeping a low profile. Kennedy Jones was in attendance as was LUMBERJVCK to witness the HAVOC that ensued that night. Banger after banger, mosh pits broke out, heads banged and the sweat poured. Throwing down remixes by LUMBERJVCK, Downlink and several new productions, FIGURE showed us what he' s been up to recently for a man that stays relatively under the radar. I have always been drawn to FIGURE's dirty, grimy vibes especially on his Halloween themed productions and it was quite a "treat" to finally catch him in person. As we head banged and mosh pitted throughout the set, I got the feeling that this year FIGURE will continue to dominate this niche he has created with his productions and I can only hope we see more of him and GRZZLY and Dirty Deeds throughout 2015. Next week The Yost and White Rabbit Group are bringing Dirtyphonics into town as what I am sure will be another grime filled evening.


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