Fight Clvb Proves Moombahton Is Still Cool On New EP

October 22, 2015 -

Derek Kademian

Back in 2009 Dave Nada coined the genre moombahton, a style of music that combined both Latin, dancehall and the rapidly growing EDM machine. Hitting its 'peak' shortly after its birth, moombahton was never given the chance to reach its potential.

Among the rising stars who were on the forefront were names like David Heatbreak, Dillon Francis, Munchi, Tittsworth and a trio from Queens named Sazon Booya who saw a great amount of success from their track, "Oye Mami." This was arguably the first time moombahton was accepted on a mainstream level when it was played on a New York Lottery commercial. Due to the trials of the music industry they called it quits shortly afterwards. Like a phoenix, Stephen Vasquez and his devoted hypeman Mystereo (2/3 of Sazon) rose to the challenge of starting a new, donning the name Fight Clvb.

Over the past year, there's been hype from all over the Interwebs claiming that moombahton was making a comeback and it was proven when Dillon threw a molotov cocktail of a mixtape this summer. Dousing a can of gasoline on the bonfire, Fight Clvb has dropped, "Sirens Are Still Cool," a testament to the notorious blaring, which has become synonymous with the genre.
Vasquez is well known for always passionately representing his Columbian heritage in his tunes by pushing a healthy mix of Jungle Terror with a splash of his previous projects. But on, "Sirens Are Still Cool," he finally gave in to what his core fans have been demanding for a while, a hard hitting, relentless moombah EP.

The intro to the EP starts with a vintage Juan Valdez Columbian coffee commercial, where it talks about how much effort and care it takes to make their beans and why it's better than any other coffee. Meanwhile in the background there's the trumpet of their National Anthem trying to blast out of the commercial and eventually overthrows the voice and begins setting the tone with, "Columbia," alluding that it's not only a place that supplies most of the world with coffee, but it's also home to some of the most vivacious music.

In the ears of snobby moombah fans, the use of sirens has become one of the most over used samples in the game, but to Vasquez he frankly doesn't give a fuck, which is clearly displayed in, "Trick." Stepping away from what the some people may prefer, Vasquez puts emphasis on the use of sirens, which is partially devoted in his sense of humor (trolling) and is also met with his sincerity for the obnoxious sound.

Vasquez made his rounds in the early years of the EDM boom as a videographer, specifically for an up and coming lad named Skrillex. He toured with him, catching some ridiculous onstage and backstage moments. "Where the Fuck is Munchi?," refers to 2012 where he set up a time for moombah legend Munchi and Skrillex to meet and afterwards the 3 of them went on to play a show together as a pit stop in Paris. While waiting in the hotel lobby he caught a funny interaction between the two which is the audio featured on the track. Vasquez built himself a reputation during this time because of his underground feature film The Electro Wars, which featured every major artist in electro including everyone from Justice and LMFAO to A-Trak and DJ Premier. Needless to say, he's got stories for days and this track serves as a nod to one of the best times of his life.

In this writer's opinion, "Los Pollos," is definitely the crown jewel of the EP. Previously releasing, "El Pollo," with Sazon Booya, the track acts like a sequel, that allows Fight Clvb to bring the song back to relevancy with sounds that have followed Vasquez in his evolution as a producer.  It's the perfect combination of both new and old sounds making it an instant moombah-classic.

Even though, "Sirens Are Still Cool" was primarily made for the fans, it's important to note how much heart went into making this. Just by looking at the artwork (created by Voodoo Bownz) it's apparent that this is Fight Clvb's way of telling a story that has gone untold; one of family, passion, respect and always pursuing your dreams.


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