Why Does It Feel So Good, So Good To Be Bad?

September 18, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

As this disturbingly short NYC Summer comes to an end, I bring you, yet another, Bad Kids Collective success story. Deemed as the #BADbirthdayclub due to the nature of the event, balloons, cake, and several other spontaneous shenanigans awaited. Paired with the launch of their brand new Fall clothing line, Bad is the New Good, and surrounding 4 of the Bad Kids Birthdays, they pulled out all the stops and threw one hell of a rager on the rooftop of The Attic.


I had taken the previous night off, preparing my mind and body for what I knew the next day had in store. Little did I know, it was far off from any Bad Kids event I had attended previously. A hearty breakfast with my roommate (who was also coming along for the ride) consisted of a homemade, multi-layered bacon egg and cheese, asking her, 'More bacon? One more egg? You know this is the only thing we're going to eat all day!' We scarfed them down and entered the "getting ready" phase of our morning. I had heard it was going to rain and the days prior had been a bit chilly, so I threw on my Batman sweater and rain boots, packed up my umbrella and headed out.

A two-hour open bar, sponsored by Pruv Vodka, motivated us arrive promptly at 3pm in order to take full advantage. Delayed weekend trains and inclement weather got us there about a half hour after the start time, and we weren't the only ones who had that bright idea. We entered the indoor paradise to the chill but groovy sounds of Ryan Farber and headed straight for the crowd consuming the back bar. The first glance I got of the Bad Kids Fall line was on a flat screen TV mounted to the back wall of the bar, displaying still shots and videos of their Fall photo shoot. Although the essential idea of graphic tees stayed with them, the designs like Bad PhiladelphiaBae, and in bold letters, Let's Dance were far off from anything they had produced before. A grueling 5 minute wait finally put a drink in my hand and I was all set to mingle around with the familiar, but mainly new faces I noticed. But not before I snagged a squirt gun from the bar and started plotting sneak attacks! The place was filled with beautiful people from all walks of life. Most of those who had been to a Bad Kids event before, knew just how creative to get with their attire. Those who hadn't, were learning. Amongst the tables tagged as "reserved," the plush palm trees, and the inflatable zoo animals strewed about, was a 25ft long table brimming with the items I had seen on screen shortly before, all available for sale during the first half of the event. The area was swarmed so often, I have to think they sold just about everything they had!


Running into all my favorite Bad Kids, including co-owner and birthday girl, Andi, made me feel welcomed and at home (as if my home were a constant rooftop party.) They wanted to ensure that everyone was having a great time, and trust me, everyone was! By the time open bar ended, the guys of No_Sheep had stole the decks with their festival bangers, turning the greenhouse-like space into a full-on bounce house! Before I knew it, headliner, Kasum was rocking the place with some seriously awesome throw-backs! His remixes of Yellowcard, Ocean Avenue, Fall Out Boy, Thanks for the Memories, and his newest, Sum 41, In Too Deep sent me in a spiraling time warp back to my high school glory days! At this point The Dream Lab robots had swarmed the place, blasting their co2 guns, and becoming the life of the party with their crazy LED-equipped space suits.


Somewhere between the flow of drinks, the bangin' beats, and the beach balls being tossed around the room, the music halted and 4 models paraded around with huge, blown-up signs with each birthday bad kids name on it (Andi, Harrison, Bryan, and Adam), letting everyone know who they were there to celebrate. The entire party sang the iconic song and then were presented with bite-size cup cakes. I had a couple of those delicious mini treats, or four. Regardless, there was a bigger cake to cut. But not before being flung into the faces of those lucky kids on the dance floor. Eat up!


But wait...Was that Star Wars music I began to hear? After meeting Coedy in Miami earlier in the year, this was the first time I actually got to hear him spin. If this was how Teknartist kicked off his sets, then I couldn't wait to hear more! And that I did. For the remainder of the night, he dominated the decks with some electro remixes and originals such as, SNAFU. As The Attic cleared out, you could see the beating this place took. Cake frosting smeared around the floor, remains of balloons that didn't make it, and bits of confetti in every crack imaginable only meant one thing: BAD KIDS WERE HERE.



P.S. If you were there, you know what I'm talking about. If you weren't, sorry about the FOMO but to make sure you don't miss the next one, keep up with the Bad Kids on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and shop their Fall Line here! #staybad


Photos by Robert Harpin & Ryan Farber (Yeah, the opening DJ. He's just THAT cool).

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