Feed Me's Return to the Stage is a Psychedelic Success

August 5, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

As I showed up to Terminal 5 just a bit hungry this past Saturday, I found myself leaving completely overstuffed. Feed Me's first night back on tour after his year of recuperation can be called nothing less than a wild success.

As I walked in, the glorious locks of Space Jesus were swaying side to side as he prepared everyone for their journey with his atmospheric beats. A giant black curtain hung loosely behind him, yet we all knew what it masked. Party goers muddled around the warehouse sized venue finding their perfect spot, whether it be cemented on the ground floor or dangling their feet from one of the many balcony ledges. When New York native Tjani took the decks by Jasha's side, you could feel the energy enlarge as that of the hands thrown up in the crowd. It's been awhile since we've see him atop the stage and he was full of surprises. One special and notable one occurred when the masked man we know as Mystereo bombarded the stage with his hyped presence meaning only one thing: Fight Clvb. As Mystereo bounced about on the speakers and dashed through the pit, SAV claimed the decks, and Carly owned the microphone for just a few minutes, performing their unreleased single, SUS. When Tjani was done affirming his place on stage and announcing this to be the best show of his life, the crowd fell silent, for they knew what was coming next.

The audience shuffled around to the bathroom and the bar but no one strayed too far in fear of missing what they had waited for all year long. After about 10 minutes, the speakers flooded with noise sounding like a countdown, meaning it was almost time. The black drape dropped and the crazed fan cries could not be controlled. Soft vocals sang over and over, "You can follow me down the rabbit hole," and that's where this psychedelic journey began. The rhythm built up, ecstatic strobes veered, and the massive 80ft stage structure he calls "Teeth" illuminated hundreds of faces. The extravagant, innovative presentation of 23 individual fangs, two mischievous eyes, and several square screens displayed continuously-changing, mind altering graphics. For just about 2 hours, Jon repeatedly proved to me and all the other fans why his furlough was worth while. The hard hitting dubstep & electro tracks like One Click Headshot, his with Kill The Noise, Thumbs Up for Rock 'N Roll, mixed with the softer tunes like him & Crystal Fighters, Love Is All I Got, transitioned from one another flawlessly, taking every attendee on their own mindful and multicolored odyssey. The four new tracks off of his new EP sneaked about in the set and Alarm Clock had me hopping around like that rabbit I chased down the hole earlier. By the end of the set, one thing really stood out to me: his set was composed entirely of his OWN MATERIAL. No dropping and hit tunes, no remixing others' work. Purely fed me what I desired, leaving the best taste in my mouth.

Photos by Prolo Photo

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