Featured Female DJ of the week: Valerie Valentine

January 15, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

It wasn’t enough that this babes’ massive beats rattled our brains back at Bassgiving in November, so we just HAD to find her again! Originally from Buenos Aires, Valerie Valentine now holds the resident spot at Le Souk’s Wolf Party in New York City and tears up renowned clubs such as Webster Hall and Pacha. We caught up with her this past Friday at Point Break, a 3-story bar in the heart of NYC and snagged this exclusive interview.

For those of you who were lucky enough to board Holy Ship this year, you may recognize her as one of the female DJ’s who played, not on the ship, but on land. “It’s really cool being down there and being apart of the community. I got to hang out with a lot of the artists,” Valerie Valentine told us. She’s been spinning for 2 years and “on the circuit” for over a year, so this wasn’t her first taste of chillin’ with big-name DJ’s. She had played at Webster Hall every Friday for Boys and Girls, closing for such DJ’s as Foreign Beggars, Zed’s dead, and Mt. Eden. Bassgiving was her first big show there and the first time they officially booked her. We had the pleasure of stumbling upon her set that night and, damn, can she really throw down! “I generally tend to go pretty hard no matter what genre I play. As a DJ, I like to think I can play any style, really: house, electro house, trap, hip-hop, even. I like to go in pretty hard and keep my sets creative. A lot of movement. A lot of Energy.” Valentine’s sets are NEVER prerecorded, “I walk into a gig and I never know what I’m going to play.” She serves it up based on the vibe of the crowd at hand.

When asked what we could expect that night at Point Break, she says what we both love to hear, “Electro-house with some vocals and you’re definitely going to be hearing some HEAVY shit tonight.” And that’s exactly what she delivered. Dropping such epic tracks as “Original Don” by Major Lazer & The Partyquad, a remix of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, “Heads Will Roll,” and Prodigy’s “Breathe” she had us dancing until the very last song.

With the DJ booth being a level above the dance floor, and only being able to see her from a certain spot, any unexpected bar-goer may have thought it was a dude dropping all these dirty beats. The people were blown away. “People tend to take notice of you if you’re a girl. And then once you have someone’s attention, it’s really up to you, skill wise, to produce.” In an industry substantially populated by men she explains how it is being a female amongst it all, “Sometimes you’re on top of the world… there aren’t many other girls doing this. And then other times it can be really frustrating because there’s a certain stigma that comes with it.”

She’s now exploding into the EDM world with a permanent spot and the #1 mix on Music Choice, plans to DJ SXSW, and hopes to perform at Ultra Music Festival. Not only does this girl produce but she’s a vocalist as well, not to mention she’s smokin’ hott! Her vocals were featured on Sazon Booya’s last EP, Impacto:

Her mix “Sleep is for Sheep” is now #1 on the Music Choice dance charts!

The venue we raged at on Friday was fairly small but after hearing these monster tunes she has to offer, we definitely see her spinning BIGGER and better venues in 2013! In the mean time, follow her to keep up with approaching events and check her out at Wolf Party tonight!

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Photo Credit: Thecultureofme.com


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