Featured Artist: Krewella EXCLUSIVE Interview & Review

February 12, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Two sick rave girls, two sore necks, and a blizzard later, we have one of the most intense and amazing shows we’ve ever attended. We have to admit, we’ve never head banged so hard in our lives then we did this past Friday when Krewella rocked the famous and always packed club, Pacha NYC. This Chicago bred trio didn’t let little Nemo get in the way of feeding us New Yorkers the beats we so desperately hungered for. Opening with their hit single, “Alive,” was just what the crowd needed after waiting out in the dead cold of the city streets. These three dropped everything from Deadmau5, “Ghosts and Stuff” to Dillon Francis, “Masta Blasta” and when Flux Pavilion’s brand new “OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna)” was thrown into the mix, the crowd went absolutely nuts! They kept the crowd going all night long by playing every one of their tracks mixing in electro-house for the dancers and dirty dubstep for the ragers. We caught up with Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man (Chris) on their “Get Wet or Die Trying” mini-tour and snagged this exclusive Daily-Beat interview.

Krewella is still a fairly new group in the eyes of EDM, but now it seems like there isn’t anyone who doesn’t know the name. When they decided to drop everything on June 8, 2010 and chase this career, they did exactly that. They focused on nothing else but the music.

Krewella: “6/8/10 was a few days after Yasmine graduated high school (we wanted to all make sure we had our GEDs haha), so it basically worked out as the day where we officially cut ourselves off from doing anything other than pursuing Krewella.”

Rain Man Head Banging to Their Vocal Edit of Skrillex's “Breathe”
Two and a half years later their on their first tour and continue to race up the ladder of fame and success. If you have been keeping up with their KREWLIFE episodes, which give you a raw look into their lives on the road of their first tour, you will see that these troopers sometimes don’t even sleep in between shows. Regardless, they still play live and put their heart and souls into each set; and they do it for the music and the FANS!

Krewella: We've been on the road nonstop for almost a year now, so it definitely feels like a whirlwind, but it's so rewarding to play for the people who support our music and inspire us to keep making more of it.

Hey, that’s all of us! ☺

Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man love to party as much as the next guy, I mean, with all the excitement these 3 have had in the past few years, who wouldn’t? We wondered if all the partying had ever really affected them or their music.


Krewella: “Not…yet. I think we can all three agree that partying takes a toll on health and music making, two things that are very important to us, so we try not to let it get in the way, because it's all about the music in the end.”

That’s what we like to hear!! It must be so awesome making the music you love with your best friends, and although the Krew admits it’s not all so glamorous...

Krewella: “We argue about basically everything, but that's what happens when you throw three very opinionated people into a group together,” the music is their main focus; It’s what brings them all together and inevitably stops the bickering. “We're definitely like family though, and arguments rarely last more than 20 minutes.”

The Krew now has one EP, “Play Hard,” one remix EP, “Play Harder,” two official music videos, “Killin’ it” and “Alive,” and countless remixes.

They tell us about their project in the works....

Krewella: “Can't say exactly when, but we are currently working on our first full length album and couldn't be more excited about it! In the mean time though, we'll be releasing tracks and videos between now and the album release.”

Like and follow Krewella and stay up to date as you will be seeing and hearing about these three A LOT more from now on.

Photo Credit: PTiU Photography
~XOXO abRAVEgirls
Krewella - Alive (Official Music Video)
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