Fashion Spotlight: Bohaloha - A Bohemian Aloha Wear Line For The Free-Spirited

June 5, 2015 -

Ivory Melone

Summer is right around the corner. Rooftop parties and music festivals are heating up and will soon be in full-throttle! Figuring out what the heck to wear can be stressful but having your festival and party wardrobe on point is a huge part of the whole experience. Many music festivals have developed distinct fashion reputations, marking them on the grid as a hub for celebrities, stylists, and bloggers to flock to each year. From Coachella’s chic desert boho style to EDC’s ravishing furry and floral raver get-ups, everyone is out to be recognized and to indulge in their own inner festival fashionista.

No matter what the festival or party occasion, there is one fashion icon that has always stood as being universal: the Hawaiian “aloha” shirt. From Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Sasquatch! Music Festival to rooftop parties in Miami, “aloha” style is always present somewhere. It is a popular but downplayed trend that holds a deeper meaning which has rarely been looked into or explained. Aside from looking fresh, wearing “aloha” attire works against many of the cliché festival fashion staples. “Aloha” attire is unique. It’s more than a fashion statement. It embodies the “aloha spirit.”


In the Hawaiian language, aloha translates to much more than “hello”, “goodbye” and “love.” Aloha expresses the joyfulness in sharing life’s energy while being in the present. It reflects a free-spirited, laid-back, and harmonious demeanor for those that rock and flaunt it. When I think of the “aloha” spirit, I also think of the acronym PLUR that plays a huge role in our EDM culture. Aloha also roots from peace, love, unity, and respect, reflecting that it is not just a word, but a powerful way of life.


My advice to you when picking out your next festival outfit or life adventure attire: pick a look that reflects the positive energy you want in return! If you’re wanting to radiate some “aloha” energy, your festival fashion must-have might be a one of a kind piece from my newly launched handmade line called “Bohaloha”. Bohaloha is a Bohemian Aloha Wear line that specializes in unique upcycled vintage pieces that are handmade on the island of Maui. Each shirt is unique and no two are the same. My inspiration for this line developed from my island lifestyle and my love for bohemian fashion.


As the Founder of Bohaloha, my mission is to go beyond a fashion statement and to really touch the lives of others with the “aloha” spirit and love from the islands. Mixing my passion for fashion and my love for music, Bohaloha targets free-spirited festival goers and world adventurers. Each shirt is a statement piece with funky floral patterns and a twist of lacey vintage bohemian flare. By wearing Bohaloha, you not only bring the party, but you extend the good “aloha” vibes by establishing a worldwide network of peace, love, unity, and respect through your own image.

Shop Bohaloha on Etsy at and follow @Bohaloha on Instagram for new looks and inspirations. Mahalo!

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