Experience More With Walk The Moon's 'Press Restart' Tour

February 12, 2018 -

Daily Beat Staff

When it comes to high-energy, emotional performances and next level on-stage production, few do it better than Nicholas Petricca, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman.

The foursome, better known as Walk The Moon, brought their 'Press Restart' tour to Oakland's Fox Theater on Saturday, Feb. 10, and delivered every bit the performance that their signature-facepaint-donning fans were hoping for.

From early fan favorites Anna Sun, Shiver Shiverand Different Colors, to latest releases Headphones, SurrenderKamikazee and One Foot, the group showed impressive range and control throughout the spectacular performance.


The eclectic and spirited Cincinnati, Ohio-based rock band became international stars with their 2014 smash hit Shut Up and Dance. 

The song took them into the Top 10 on Billboard's U.S. Top 100 chart and on to a headlining tour spanning the country in 2015.

Everything looked primed for the group to grow their international stardom. But life got in the way in 2016.

Personal issues forced the band to cancel their 2016 'Work This Body' summer tour and eventually led to a hiatus from recording and touring altogether.


Connecting at Kevin Ray's wedding in October 2016, the four decided they were ready to give it another go.

With their 2017 album What If Nothing, the band has without question regained their harmonious bond and then some, delivering a level of raw emotion and added depth that wasn't present in their previous works.

Every move and word on stage from these guys feels true to their passion as artists and showmen.

"That's what music has done for us," Petriccia told Billboard. "Whatever it is that we're feeling, to feel it deeper. To see it more clearly or experience it more fully. And a record like this by Walk The Moon would not have been possible if we hadn't experienced some dark shit."


Walk The Moon got back to its true roots with this album. They have built a spectacular live performance around a project that finds them expressing the intricacies of their lives freely.

They are ready to blossom brighter than ever before.


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Words and Photos by Aaron Nelson

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