Exclusive interview with Doctor P

October 23, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Not only is this guy a talented artist and producer, he’s been showing his humbleness by hiding show tickets all over the country and giving his fans clues as to how to find them! Just a few weeks ago at Webster Hall NY, we got a chance to sit down with another co-founder of Circus records, Doctor P. He told us what influenced him then and who does now, as well as his thoughts on the current state of Dubstep, and he even revealed his newest single with Adam F and Method Man, "The Pit", that released on October 14th! With his heavy hitting beats and a huge hip hop and metal influence, Doctor P shows us that Dubstep is definitely not dead.

DB: How long have you been producing?
DP: I started when I was twelve but I didn’t really start until I was about 18. Between 12 and 18 there was no … I wouldn’t even call it music. Just chopping up songs, record the guitar, that sort of thing.

DB: What were some of your early influences?
DP: When I was 12 I was listening to metal, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Metallica. So I suppose them, and then I moved on to hip-hop. So that sound was sort of like 18 on.

DB: Who currently inspires you in the scene?
DP: I try not to take influences from the scene cause then you end up sounding the same.

DB: What about outside of the scene?
DP: I still take influence from Rage Against the Machine but hip-hop is probably my main influence.

DB: Metal heads really like dubstep since they have discovered it.
DP: Yeah, I think its because metal sounds the same and over the years people started to get a little tired of it. The guitars and drums and screams.

DB: What’s your approach for producing a new track?
DP: I just sit down and hope for the best.

DB: Do you get writers block?
DP: Yeah, I think every producer has writers block the whole time. You just got to kind of not over think it and sit down and hope for the best. Sometimes I make a tune in an hour and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I try not to worry. If you worry, it definitely doesn’t happen.

DB: You’ve collaborated with A LOT of artists. Is there anyone else you’d like to work with?
DP: I just collaborated with Method Man. He was like my number one to ever collaborate with. So now I’m like, ‘Who now?’

DB: When is that set to release?
DP: 14th of October is the penciled in date. I’ll play it tonight, so you’ll here it. So, I don’t know about other people.

DB: What's it called?
DP: It’s called ‘The Pit’

DB: This comes from one of our followers:
Is the key to a good production to keep the texture thick with few instruments, or throw as many sounds in as you can to keep the interest and dynamics in a track?
DP: Well a good song is a good song. You can have a good song with 3 layers to almost nothing or then you can listen to an orchestra which I like 150 instruments … So, I suppose it’s just about being creative and getting a good sound. Try and do something that people are going to like. If you over think it, it might not happen. So you just have to kind of make whatever the hell you want. That’s what I need to tell people. Just don’t worry about it.

DB: With trap becoming dubstep’s main competitor, what do you think the genre needs to return to its former reigning glory? Do you believe Dubstep is dying out?
DP: I think the excitement of Dubstep is dying out a little bit. People aren’t like… 2 years ago people were tearing their hair out. That doesn’t happen so much anymore. But people still come to the shows so you have to do that. People always say ‘oh dubstep is dead’ but I play it.

DB: I mean, just looks at all those people out there right now.
DP: Yeah, I’m about to go up on stage so it’s not really dead.

DB: What are your thoughts about the Electronic Music scene right now?
DP: Well it all happened so fast I’ve kind of lost a grip on electronic music. It’s gone out of control. I can’t even stand it anymore.
5 years ago no one was this into electronic music.

DB: What's your favorite venue to perform at?
DP: I’ll say Red Rocks. Everyone says Red Rocks.
DB: I knew you were going to say that! Because everyone says that. I guess I need to take a trip to Colorado!
DP: Yeah, it’s good. I mean, there are loads of good venues out there. Red Rocks is just the one that’s like ‘What the fuck is this?’ when you get there.
I didn’t even really know what it was. I got there and I was like ‘What the fuck is this?’

DB: You’ve only had 1 release this year, I miss you man! What’s next?
DP: I’ve got an EP, which I really want to get out quickly. Just like you said, I’ve only got one track out this year.
DB: When is that going to be released? This year? Next?
DP: I’d say it’s not going to be this year. I’d like it to be this year but it won’t. The whole music industry…
It’ll probably be straight after the New Year. That’s the plan. That’s quick in music industry terms.

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