A Daily-Beat.com Exclusive Interview: Kerli

July 10, 2014 -

Christopher Lavinio

Estonian recording artist and songwriter, Kerli, recently sat down with us on Daily Beat to discuss her career, developments in the studio and much more. After so much success working with Seven Lions, creating her own unique fashion style, and an album ready to explode off the charts, Kerli is on her way to global stardom. Check out our exclusive interview with her below!

Kerli Daily Beat

Daily Beat: Thanks again for being with us today on Daily Beat. It's truly a pleasure to have such a talented vocalist and recording artist with us today.

Kerli: Thanks so much guys for having me!

Daily Beat: We wanted to start off with your most recent success on the incredible Seven Lions tune, "Worlds Apart." We know there are many stories behind the creation of the song, influences from the lyrics, etc. What was your experience like working with Jeff Montalvo on such an emotional and dynamic tune?

Kerli: It's been such a pleasure working with Jeff. There's so many talented and skilled producers working in the business, but it's rare to come across someone who is technically skilled and also has that indescribable "something" which I just call magic - something that can't be duplicated.

For our songs, we never actually spent any time together in one room...Jeff creates his soundscapes in his home studio and I write and produce the vocals at mine. I love working with tracks that have a lot of intricacy because that gives me a chance to blend my own vibrations into them and get super creative with the vocal design. The songs with Seven Lions are definitely some of my favorite things I've had the privilege to be a part of.

Kerli Daily Beat

Daily Beat: Not only do you have massive success as an incredible vocalist, but you've really become an inspiration in the fashion world. Talk to us about your inspirational outfits, and how you plan on fusing your artistry as a vocalist with your keen fashion sense.

Kerli: To me, it's all the same...music, pictures...it's all vibrations and colors and shapes. I love sketching the characters for my music videos and hand making the costumes - it's so fun to see it all come to life. I always get a really strong gut feeling about the visual while creating the sounds.

I think at the end of the day, our existence is all about self expression...Life altogether is an art form that takes an equal amount of discipline and wonder to master. I am the creator, I am my canvas, and I can shape whatever and whoever I want out of my embodiment. One can be creative in anything they do - being alive is a creative act. To be honest, I can't believe they don't teach that in schools.

Daily Beat: Your incredibly diverse website, http://kerli.buzznet.com/ has been a massive success in driving your fan base. What has been the goal of the site, and how do you look to expand your audience with such diverse content?

Kerli: I am on a mission to build a "BubbleGoth" world inside this world that we know. I am already fully living in it by creating the music that mixes the elements of rave with melancholy goth themes; fashion that blends ethereal with dark vibes; and I even live in a life sized twisted dollhouse that used to be a place of worship. My blog is just another way to share the world I want to create. I blog about strange people who dare to live their dreams, twisted art, and fashion. I also include a lot of DIY ideas, trying to bust the myth that to have interesting things, you need to have a lot of money. Most of my furniture is found in trash and upcycled, for example. I want to show kids that the world as it's served to us, is in fact, an illusion - and there are ways to cheat it by opening up your mind and thinking outside the box.

Kerli Daily Beat

Daily Beat: Take us back nearly two years ago to October of 2012, when "The Lucky Ones" first graced the world. With such a massive surge in dance music over the past two years, what do you have to say has been the biggest cause for a global renaissance of dance music? How have you personally been able to learn from your past singles and how do you plan on continuing to be a force in future dance music hits?

Kerli: I have actually never cared as much for dance music as for electronic music. Where my heart is at right now is definitely not 128 bpm, four on the floor. I was molded by artists like Bjork, Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, Lamb etc. and that's much more similar to the sounds I'm working on these days.

I don't know why it is that dance music is so popular now...to me, it was just a gut feeling and I was going through a really euphoric phase in my life, which made me want to create big and loud music, and celebrate being alive. I was giddy and excited to be a part of the electronic music movement because I'm a huge fan of PLUR and the sensibilities of the early 90's rave scene. Unfortunately, it's all become about money and there's not really too much left of that anymore...no offense.

Daily Beat: Any future plans for touring? What's in the works in the studio?

Kerli: I'm currently taking a little break from performing to spend time in my studio and properly tap back into the magic of creation...Lots of exciting collabs coming up in the EDM world this year. Besides that, a lot of moody electronic stuff is in the works...I am making peace with my darkness after a very long escape into the light and it's been very therapeutic. Can't wait to share this part of my soul with the world.

Daily Beat: We always end with a bit of a joke question, but still love everyone's response. We have to ask you...if you had to pick two DJs to be your parents (one male and female) who would they be and why?

Kerli: Rebecca and Fiona would make a fun double team for a mom. I would write songs and play dress up with them all day long. For a dad, I'd have to go with Eric Prydz. He's soooo nice. He can be the responsible one. Or maybe Deadmau5 - Cause of that 3D printer he's got.


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