Excision Puts To Rest The Gnarliest Stage Of All Time

February 25, 2015 -

Matt Malby

This past Tuesday I was fortunate enough to be among the headbangas at Excision's final installment of the Executioner Tour. Having attended the last 3 years (show shirts to prove it!) I was ridiculously excited to see what the T-Rex had in store. Though the installation and venue have not changed, there is always something magical about seeing Excision in person. Anyone who has seen the Executioner setup can vouch for me when I say this is a show you will hate yourself for missing. For those of you who don't know Excision (lol really?) check him out on SoundCloud.

As the doors opened, I swiftly made my way through the sea of highschoolers that the House of Blues is so fond of filling the pit with. After dropping $170 at the merch booth, gotta keep my Excision swag strong, I grabbed a Jack and Coke and made my way to the pit. By this time Getter had just finished shredding kids and Minnesota was getting his groove on. I was really looking forward to seeing what the new Minnesota was about. Much like Mimosa, Minnesota used to be a glitch hop artist who wised up and went heavy. Though not as gnarly as the other tour mates, his melodic bass was a perfect way to warm the room up.


Protohype then took the decks and the crowd went nuts. The pit was overflowing with shirtless bro dudes throwing each other while chanting Ay Ay Ay Ay! Kids were getting stomped left and right. I picked three different kids up off the floor just in time for them to get thrown back into the pit. Girls were literally getting crushed while they tried to dance, too cray. Protohype threw down his entire set, wrapping it up with Flosstradamus' "MOSH PIT" that dropped into Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name of" which had the whole pit yelling "FXCK YOU, I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!" At that moment I knew this was going to be a dope ass night.


When Excision came on you could feel the bass within a 5 mile radius. As the bone crushing bass resonates in your soul, you know the T-Rex has arrived. He started off strong with Code Name X that rolled into more filth, not letting up for some time. Kids didn't know what to do with themselves, never before had they heard something so gnarly. The look of awe and "dafuq" littered the crowd. The pit got so ridiculous that I had to leave and get more Jack.


Excision continued to shred it, dropping almost all of his new Code Name X album throughout the night. Every time the bass dropped a rush of instant joy washes over you as you are petrified by the mind shattering light show that is the Executioner Stage. You HAVE NOT LIVED until you've seen Robokitty in person. By the end of the set the T-Rex had devoured the pit, leaving behind only those who had achieved an elevated existence. The night closed out with a sea of X’s to the sound of Excision’s new collab “X Up” with The Frim and Messinian. As I watched the mind blown kids wander to the exit like a herd of distraught cattle, I knew that this year had been the best of all. No doubt a great way to put to rest one of the most spectacular visual installments of all time. I truly pity any poor soul who did not have the privilege  of seeing the Executioner in person.

Event by HTG Events

Photos by Leanne Leuterio Photograpy. Photos Here.

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