Event Review: THE WELL X DIRTYBIRD 2.8.15

February 16, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

The Well is located in the heart of LA in downtown on the corner of Olympic and Olive. It's a salon, retail outlet and when the warehouse door opens up, the perfect spot for a a warehouse party. It's a unique store with clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women alike. The unique part comes from the fact that there is a full salon right there inside the store as you walk in and big open warehouse connected to the store. It's a great place to check out if you are ever in the downtown area. This night was a special night. With the Grammys in full effect just down the road I'm sure there was no shortage of after-parties. But if you like big bass lines and a bumping kick drum, this exclusive Dirtybird show at The Well is where you wanted to be.

Walking up to the venue from the nearby parking structure you could clearly hear the DJ's throwing it down. Although if you wanted to get in, there was a catch. Your ticket in was the purchase of a limited edition Dirtybird x The Well shirt which wasn't on the cheap side for just a shirt. But if you bought the shirt it granted you access for 2 to a show that featured Justin Jay, Kill Frenzy and a secret headliner. There was also an open bar (which I helped myself to) that provided drinks to the dancing crowd all night long. If you break it all down between two people you probably would have spent more than you did on the shirt on entry and drinks alone at some other club.

First up for the night was Justin Jay, dropping a couple songs like his remixes of D4L - Laffy Taffy and Disciples -They Don't Know. He kept the crowd moving and grooving for the first part of the night as people got acquainted with the space and settled in. Towards the end of his set he was joined by Dirtybird brother Kill Frenzy for a back to back set. Although each with their own different styles they both seamlessly came together for a great set. Justin had stepped off the stage and Kill Frenzy was now in control of the decks for a little while. The headlining act had not been announced yet and I for one was very curious who it would be. By that point the majority of people had helped themselves to the open bar and it was obvious. The crowd was taking in every beat and bass line that came at them with open arms.


Finally the DJ we had all been waiting for, Dirtybird label owner Claude Vonstroke. Raised in Detroit and now based out of San Fransisco CA. Claude has had multiple top beatport songs and has been a staple in electronic dance music industry for over ten years. Just fresh from the 10 year Dirtybird anniversary party at the Mezzanine in San Francisco, it was time to show L.A. what the label was all about. He stepped on the stage with Kill Frenzy for a while and played a back 2 back with him for yet another seamless set. This impromptu set alone was a highlight of the night and something that everyone enjoyed. Kill Frenzy then stepped off stage and it was all Claude from that point on. Playing probably the longest set of the three, he delivered a groovy set of fun and unreleased tracks. He was what most of us had been waiting for. Playing good tunes till the close of the event, he was the reason we were all here and for the Dirty Bird family to be under one roof.


All in all, The Well and Dirtybird threw a fun party and I know that if they do again, I'll be back. If you don't yet follow The Well then check them out and sign up for their email list, you never know what you might be goin' on!

Thanks Well!

- Nick Munoz

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