Event Review: Gesaffelstein @ The Fonda Theatre 05.23.14

May 30, 2014 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

It was a nice night in Los Angeles to be at a show. Clear skies, and the streets were bustling with locals on their way to the many venues and clubs surrounding The Fonda. We arrived to the venue to see a long line out front, with the bass creeping through the walls. The opening DJ who went by Pipes was throwing down a dope electro-house set. It was fitting for the epic show that Gesaffelstein was about to put on.

Once we got in, the first thing we noticed was the decadent lobby with very archaic French Castle-style decorations. Again, it seemed like it was a good place to watch him. Gesaffelstein was supposed to start his set at 10:30, but when the time came, nothing happened. The house was packed once everyone got in, only to see an empty stage. After waiting over 40 minutes, and watching the crew set up and do sound check, the lights turned off. Then out of nowhere, a spotlight turns on in the middle of the stage to reveal Gesaffelstein himself, and the whole crowd got pumped up. What proceeded must have been one of the most mind-blowing shows I have ever seen.


If you have heard Gesaffelstein's music before, you know how intense it can be. And this set did not disappoint on the intensity factor. The quick flashing strobes brought it up another level as they were perfectly in sync to the fast rhythms and almost fright-inducing sounds. It was definitely a unique sound that is signature to the French producer. For the entirety of his set, it was a constant pace of deep house/techno music that kept the crowd going. He even dropped the tracks he helped produce for Yeezus, Black Skinhead and Send It Up, towards the end of the show. He played about an hour and 20-minute long set, which felt like it flew by. If you have a chance to see him on this tour, do it. It will change the way you look at dark techno music. We will leave you with this candid picture of Gesaffelstein on stage. Tell me he doesn't look like a badass.


Photos by Jay Wade Photography


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