Event Review: BangOn!NYC Hosts The Party of the Summer in Brooklyn

August 20, 2014 -

Sam Rodriguez

BangOn!NYC hosted a party this past weekend that will without a doubt be talked about until the next BangOn!NYC rolls around. When I arrived on site for "ShortShorts3 From DuskTillDawn" a small line was already beginning to form on the side of what appeared to be, a shutdown red-light-special themed lounge. Intrigued, I approached a very large doorman who smiled at me, checked my ID and quickly ushered me in.


Once inside, I was faced with two choices: do I go through the door that I can clearly see leads to an outside area with string lights or do I go through the door that is shut? Of course my curiosity got the best of me and the latter won. I let myself into a dark room where the only light came from the stage set up on the opposite side, people danced all around me on the dance floor, the stage and on top of speakers. This, was the Deep House room. (It was also where I found the guy handing out free Icees.) Happy and with my treat in hand, I made my way to the door I ignored earlier. I found myself in what I believe has to be the largest backyard in all of Brooklyn. To the left of me, bar patrons waited patiently while bartenders took their drink orders, in front of me was BangOn's two level van and everywhere were people with headphones on. I was at the Silent Disco. As I gave myself a tour of this outside area, I felt like a kid at a toy store. There was body painting, fire breathers, a slip and slide, a grill with all the late night food you could crave. I also found the door to the "Secret Underwear Party" but was denied access because I decided against undressing.  I did get to peek inside though and instantly regretted my decision of not joining in on the fun. Once I moved on, I got my hands on a pair of Silent Disco headphones and could not pull myself away from the outside area.Two switches had something for everyone, the green catered to the Deep House lovers while the blue mixed heavier bass and trap sounds. I’ll let you guess which one I favored..

I ended the night-er, I mean morning, at the Disco Floor where DJ Sean Glass insisted on keeping the party going. Glass, invited everyone behind the booth and we danced until someone turned on the lights and cut off the sound. As always, BangOn!NYC  lived up to its name and served Brooklyn a true summer party. On behalf of all us here at Daily Beat, I'd like to thank BangOn!NYC's organizers because any party that gives me the freedom to run around and climb parked vans and metal forts, is okay in my book. Right on, guys.

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