Event Preview: VerbotenLIVE - Com Truise [4.17.15]

April 14, 2015 -

Sydney Jow

As part of their new VerbotenLIVE series, this Friday the Brooklyn nightclub welcomes space-invader Com Truise to the stage. Truise is electronic musician Seth Haley's galaxy-bound alter ego. Haley describes his parallel half and confidant as "the world's first synthetic/robotic astronaut". Playing heavily on the style and persona of all things intergalactic, it's no surprise Com Truise's style is reminiscent of a ship ready to take off into the unknown abyss.

Haley's style is extremely influenced by 80's electro, most of his songs would find themselves quite fitting in a decade-devoted movie montage traveling through space. Close your eyes and re-imagine yourself floating through the divergent spectrum of neon stars.  His latest release, the Wave I EP (named after a newly discovered galaxy), its the type of craft that requires listeners to experience tracks from start to finish. No skipping around here; the true progression of Truise's work is what sets him apart from the rest. Even from song to song, there is a clear story to be told throughout the entire tracklist. The structure is purposeful and well-thought out, an element that makes Com Truise a unique and devoted artist.

Supporting Com Truise will be the dark, funky, hip-hop heavy LORD RAJA. The New York native recently released his first EP on Ghostly after months of putting out mind-bending beats via Soundcloud. Born Chester Raj Anand, RAJA puts a darker twist on the intergalactic, space-explorer theme. More influenced by rap, hip-hop, and street style, his sound is a little less "float amongst the stars" and a a little more "gansta astronaut just landed on the moon". He plays with a plethora of unfamiliar sounds and multiple deep textures. One might often ask how someone can incorporate so many different types of sounds into one track and still have it be cohesive (think Carmack in outer space).

Both artists will be playing an early set at Verboten, followed by "Subversions Presents: Matthew Dear"

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