April 28, 2015 -

Sydney Jow

Mark Ronson. Where to begin? I guess the first order of business to educate those not completely familiar with the London-born, New York grown native. Mark Ronson is the star producer of our generation. He has been revered by many as "one of the century's greatest sound defining producers". These claims are not grandiose, nor elaborated. There is no possible way to exaggerate Ronson's legacy, as he has, is, and will remain, at the forefront of the music industry as an innovator and intellectual. Lucky for us, THE Mark Ronson will be performing at Brooklyn's Verboten this coming Thursday (May 30, 2015).

The sharp and extremely prolific producer first made his debut to the music scene in the early 90s as a Hip Hop DJ. His first album, titled Here Comes the Fuzz featured cultural heavyweights like Ghost Face Killah, Mod Def, and Daniel Merriweather. He went on to produce for iconic artists like Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Nas, and Duran Duran -- as well as earn a couple of small achievements in the music industry - like 3 Grammys and countless chart-topping records including the 6 time platinum "Uptown Funk". Although Ronson has been prosperous in producing mainstream records, at heart he is a true DJ who's performances are not one to miss.

You may recognize him from his TED Talk "How Sampling Transformed Music", a 20 minute presentation which truly exemplifies Ronson's extensive knowledge of music production and style; his personal philosophy on sampling and creating speaks volumes to the electronic world:

"...you cant just just hijack nostalgia wholesale, it leaves the listener feeling sickly. You have to take an element from those things and bring something new and fresh to it...We live in the post-sampling era. We take the things that we love and we build on them. That's just how it goes. And when we really add something significant and original and we merge our musical journey with this, then we have a chance to be a part of the evolution of that music that we love and be linked with it once it becomes something new again." -Mark Ronson 2014

It is overwhelmingly clear that Mark Ronson is someone whose production and performances are to be highly esteemed and appreciated. Mixing live, he incorporates his love for 60s funk, classic hip hop, and jazzy melodies. An event like this is of massive proportions; an iconic producer legend dominating the intimate 700 capacity Verboten will bring prized memories for any music lover.

Supporting Ronson will be Brooklyn's own acid and house artist Blu Jemz! 

Tickets available here. 


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