Eric Prydz Releases Pryda 10 Vol. I

July 6, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

Earlier this year Eric Prydz announced that he would be releasing 3 EP’s and an album by the end of 2015. Today we got the first of the three EP’s. Over the past couple of years Prydz has built himself a sort of cult following of people (including myself) who worship the ground he walks on. If you want to see what I’m talking about go check out r/ericprydz on Reddit and check out the havoc that the release of this EP has caused. Prydz has an arsenal of unreleased tracks that have popped up in live sets over the years that fans have been begging for so I was eagerly awaiting which tracks would be chosen for this first EP.


The first track on this EP is called Rebel XX. Fans of Prydz know this track as Shrine ID as he first played this track at the Shrine in LA this past New Years. This track has been a staple in his festival sets ever since then with its heavy driving bass line and interesting percussion grooves. The next track is entitled Run and has been around since early 2014 by the name Firestone ID. The track begins with a hypnotic arpeggio building up to a “wooooh” before dropping into a bass line that is distorted to the perfect level. These two tracks show off the side of Eric Prydz that is suitable for the main stage at any festival.



The next track on the EP, Loving You was first played a couple of weeks ago at EDC Las Vegas. The track features a Whitney Houston sample that accompanies the progressive synths perfectly. One thing that Prydz is incredible at is starting off a track very simple and as it goes on adding more and more layers that blend together flawlessly and that is exactly what he does with this track. The last track on this EP is called Neuron, which was previously known as Soldier Field ID after he debuted it at Spring Awakening. This track begins with a simple kick drum and some toms that sound like they’re from an 80’s track panning around the mix as the main melody creeps in. This track is one of my favorites that Prydz has ever released with one of the best melodies that he has written. The synth is powerful and keeps building until finally reaching a climax with an interesting drop. My favorite part about this track is that there isn’t a four on the floor kick at any time, which keeps the track sounding fresh. The last two tracks show off what Prydz can do with melodies and how well he can manipulate the listeners emotions.



I found it interesting that he chose these four tracks to put on the first EP because they are all relatively new and fans are still requesting IDs from the 2000’s. We’ll have to wait until the end of the year to see which tracks he decides to release later on.

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