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July 17, 2013 -

Finn Lurcott

As an avid electronic dance music fan, I am constantly trying to stretch myself and be open to as many genres as possible, but one genre, which took me a very long time to crack was that of Trance. Funnily enough, the Trance genre seems to be one of the most neglected sounds by the growing EDM scene, and as a fan who has always based my roots in House, my exposure to the music was very minimal. Not only has Trance been neglected by us here at Daily Beat, but the vast majority of the biggest electronic music blogs online are doing the same, so my goal here today is bring you some of my favourite Trance tracks and artists which I have been listening too recently. Some new, and some old.

One of the main things which really alienated me from Trance initially was the format. With House I knew the formula hands down: 32 bars of beat, followed by a build up, a drop, before another build up, another drop and finally a beat out. Trance is far more complex, and the rhythmic textures make up a much more integral part of the track itself. Whilst a House fan might simply skip one minute in when listening to a track, a Trance track builds up textures for up to 3 minutes before the tracks main theme is introduced, and this prior section really does compliment the overall soundscape. Another fact to note, is that Trance's main influences lie in classical music, and it is the combination of these melodies, alongside piercing synths and whole hell of reverb that help to conjure pure euphoria to the listener. It was seeing the Trance legend Markus Schulz perform a 6 hour set at London's Ministry of Sound last month which really helped me to 'get' Trance, and I hope that by introducing you to some of the artists below, I can help you to do the same!

I have obviously got to start with the legendary, DJ Mag number 1 Armin Van Buuren before I even mention anybody else. Armin has this incredible knack for creating the most spine tingling melodies, coupled with some beautiful vocalists that make for incredible Trance music. I could give you a ton of his tracks to listen to, but in my opinion, the special 3 hour essential mix he did a couple of months ago is the perfect intro to any one looking to get into Trance. Not only does it include ton's of the latest tracks from his artist album 'Intense', but also some fantastic Trance tracks from a whole host of other artists. Check it out Here!

Second up, I wanna talk about the afore mentioned Markus Schulz. This guy is not only an incredible DJ (who is doing a 12 hour set at Tomorrowland!), but a damn good producer! Below I have included The New World, which is probably his most famous track and has some incredible harmony and melody, as well as Nothing Without Me, a track which is much more vocally centred and contains progressive house influences.

One of my favourite up and coming Trance producers goes by the name of Orjan Nilsen. This Norwegian is a genius when it comes to creating soaring melody, and his incredible track Violetta really helps to showcase this! Wait until the melody creeps in around the 3 minute mark and prepare to be met with pure euphoria! I have also included his most recent production Xiing which definitely features some oriental influences melody wise, alongside the same epic Trance production I have learnt to expect from him.

Two of my favourite Trance tracks at the moment come in the form of Requiem by Mark Sixma and Romper by New World Punx. Requiem is simply a fantastically powerful piece of Trance gold. When it finally drops, it drops incredibly hard, with two single kicks beating before clattering melodic synths hit the listener with pure pleasure. Expect great things from Sixma in the future! New World Punx is the name Trance legends Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten have given to their joint project together, and their first official offering does not disappoint! With slight Hard Style influences in the bass department, and wailing synths, this is definitely a track for the big room!

I hope some of these tracks might help you guys to start loving Trance in the same way I have. I urge you also to check out W&W (which I expect many of you are familiar with already) who are making epic electro influenced Trance, as well as the British Trance legend Chicane, who I didn't have time to fully feature here!

-Finn Lurcott

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