Electronic Music Pioneers and Legends Kraftwerk Billed on Sonar 2013

December 3, 2012 -

Christopher Lavinio

If you have ever wondered where all this wonderful music that we listen to came from, it came from creative geniuses like Kraftwerk (which means Power Station, god that's fucking bad ass), the innovative electronic group from Dusseldorf, Germany.

Kraftwerk began in the 1970s (wtf?!)  Their sound is a combination of repetitive rhythms and catchy melodic riffs that seems to lull the listener into a sort of trance. I would say their music is minimalist in a way too. More importantly, they were one of the first groups to popularize electronic music! They are widely considered legends. So if you listen to any electronic music, check these guys out. We all owe them respect as fans.

Seriously, look at these bad asses. They are still on the cutting edge even today. If you want the most amazing auditory experience, you should check out the Kraftwerk album called Autobahn. It is actually a soundtrack, shit, maybe a soundscape, of the industrial sounds that emanate from the autobahn in Germany. Keep in mind, this is something you may want to listen to under the influence of narcotics, particularly hallucinogenic drugs if you want my recommendation.

Here is the album cover for Kraftwerk, you're going to need to devote at least an hour to this, probably more. Also, a little disclaimer: this is way better on vinyl. If you don't have a record player, BUY ONE!

Sonar '13 is a three day event that will take place in June in Barcelona, Spain. Also on the bill is the synth pop group Pet Shop Boys. Kraftwerk will deliver a 3-D concert. I don't know what that means or how one would go about presenting something like that, but I am confident when I say that it will be amazing. If you are in Spain in June, you NEED to go see these guy!

I won't be in Spain for this, but this is an opportunity to enjoy a legendary experience. I always support legends, we all should!


If you go to Sonar, Godspeed

Enjoy this:

Oh and P.S...

Here is the Autobahn album in its entirety. Enjoy:


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