EDM Smash Hit 'TSUNAMI' Banned From Japan [UPDATE]

February 27, 2014 -

David Vaux

Better known for their smash hit 'TSUNAMI', producers Borgeous and DVBBS have achieved the award for 'First EDM DJs To Have A Track Banned In A Country'. How you ask? Let's get into the very unfortunate details.

InterFM, one of Tokyo's top commercial radio stations, featured 'Tsunami' on its daily countdown when all hell broke loose. Immediately upon playing the tune to its large fan base, reaction from listeners turned from excitement to fear. Upon the track's initial drop, the words 'Tsunami' are said in a very loud, deep voice; following the very anthem/alarming melody. This unfortunately causes many listeners to go in a state of shock after assuming that this was a Tsunami Warning from Japan's weather service.

Listeners were quick to go to Twitter to show their concern; thankfully our Social Media Guru, Brett Blackman, is fluent in Japanese and was able to translate the following for us.

Brett tells us that Twitter user @nandatooooo says, "I THINK THEY JUST STATED THERE WAS A TSUNAMI WARNING FOR TOKYO! OMG!"


Mr. Blackman follows up to tell us that @poeta_lol says "PEOPLE IN TOKYO ARE FREAKING OUT. WELL SOME OF THEM ARE. SOME WONT LISTEN TO THE WARNING!"

Thousands were quick to enter homes and run to higher ground, while others were still carrying on their day. Highways were jam-packed as travelers pushed to leave the city ASAP. Government officials quickly realized something was going on after many emergency calls were made to city-wide call centers.

Mitsuhiko Hatori, Director-General of the Japan Meteorological Agency, was quick to make an official announcement on National TV stating: "There is no Tsunami Warning. There was never a Tsunami Warning. Please disregard what social media and the radio is telling you at this time. There is no Tsunami Warning."

Following, Prime Minister Shinzō Abe made an official announcement stating that the track 'Tsunami' by Borgeous and DVBBS would be banned effective immediately from the country of Japan due to continuing misunderstanding by the people of Japan. Shinzō Abe goes on to states, "We cannot have this happening daily. The song is a misleading warning to our people and we cannot continue to waste resources responding to calls and panic from our citizens. Effective immediately; the track 'Tsunami' is banned from Japan indefinitely.'

We attempted to reach out to Borgeous and DVBBS. We receieved no response from Borgeous, but we're thankful enough to get an answer out of one of the boys from DVBBS. Chris Andre responded, "Wait wuuuuuut? No doubt? For realz? No way. Bro.........".

We have received no word if the track 'STAMPEDE' will be banned in Spain; still waiting for word back.

UPDATE: We have finally received word back from Spain Officials after being notified that the track 'Stampede' was causing Spanish listeners to run from what they think were bulls. "Following Japan's announcement about the EDM Hit 'Tsunami'", Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy stated, "We have also banned the song 'Stampede' after receiving countless calls from our citizens worried about oncoming bulls. We, just like Japan, cannot risk the over-usage of our emergency services and because of this, have banned the song 'Stampede' immediately."


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