EDC 2019 Blows the Roof off Las Vegas

May 26, 2019 -

Dani Dallas

Despite the windy conditions and unexpectedly chilly weather, this year's edition of EDC Las Vegas proved to be Insomniac's biggest and best yet. With its vamped up stage production, new Downtown EDC and Nomads Land, and the countless hidden areas waiting to be discovered, there was no shortage of wonder and imagination to be uncovered by the 400,00 Headliners that stepped foot into the Las Vegas Speedway for this iconic music event.

Doug Van Sant for Insomniac Events 2-2

Photo by Doug Van Sant

A crowd of enthusiastic Headliners formed at the gates on Friday as they eagerly awaited the start of the 22nd annual Electric Daisy Carnival. Waiting just beyond the gates was the fantastical land dreamt up by head Night Owl, Pasquale Rotella, whose visionary event includes: carnival rides, innovative art installations, and cutting-edge stage production. A chorus of excitement could be heard echoing along the entrance as guests take their first look at what would be their musical haven for the three days to follow. The event started on a high note with the Opening Ceremony hosted this year by none other than Bill Nye (the science guy). From there, from dusk until dawn, the music could be heard emanating from EDC's eight elaborate stages and seven intricate art cars. The lineup was undoubtedly stacked on Friday and as a result attendees were able to experience some incredible sets from the likes of Eric PrydzGreen Velvet and his La La Land crew, Liquid StrangerLil Texas, and Aly & Fila, just to name a few.

Amongst all of the amazing talent on Friday's schedule, however, two key performances of the night came from the likes of Kenny Oliver and Morelia. With an EDC and Nocturnal 2018 performance under his belt, Morelia is no stranger to an Insomniac lineup. This rising house aficionado has proven time and time again that he not only knows how read a crowd but get them dancing from beginning to end of a set; and his stereoBLOOM set was no exception (if you looked closely you could even catch Momma Morelia dancing with the best of them at this one). Regardless of whether it was his stereoBLOOM set that you caught, his Camp EDC set, or his b2b set with fellow powerhouse VNSSA, it can be guaranteed that there was a bit of magic in the air happening each time Morelia stepped up to the decks. Throwing it down right next door to stereoBLOOM at the parliamentARTCAR was Kenny Oliver, this year's EDC Discovery Project winner. This Arizona native may come from the desert, but there was nothing dry about the set he threw down at his Insomniac debut. This up and coming DJ and producer made waves and kept the energy flowing throughout his entire performance; which had no shortage of original tracks. After an outstanding set such as this one, it is no wonder why he was chosen from the multitude of submissions as this year's Discovery Project winner and there is no doubt that his name and sound will continue to be seen and heard amongst the electronic music scene.


Photo by Brian Ngo// Braiiinnnz

After a successful day one under the Electric Sky, Headliners returned on Saturday for another day of dancing and delight. All around, the colorful costumes of guests, workers, and performers alike blended together to help create the colorful scene that is EDC. One of the most curious aspects of this place is the way in which its guests become the Electric Daisy Carnival. For those who do not consider themselves to be a part of the electronic music scene, this phenomenon that is electronic dance music may simply come off as just another trend. However, to those in the community, Insomniac is more than just a brand but, rather, a home to a passionate group of fans that have transformed EDC into a way of life. Walking around the event, this passion for the music can be felt buzzing in the air and the foundation upon which this phenomenon was built does not go unnoticed either. Peace, love, unity, and respect are the driving forces that create the electric atmosphere which allows 400,000 individuals the opportunity to come together in one location to create and share beautiful moments with. Whether you were getting down at Lucati with your rave fam, boogying with strangers on the way to Neon Garden because Charlotte de Witte was about to throw down that deep dark techno we all crave at 1AM, or high fiving workers while you ran to Circuit Grounds because you got a text from a friend that surprise guest Skrillex was absolutely throwing down, the positive energy could be felt pouring out from every corner, crack, and gap at EDC. Even when the wind came on Saturday and threatened the party, the spirit of the Headliners kept it alive and ensured that the only thing blowing them off their feet was the rest of day two's performances.

Demian Becerra for Insomniac Events 3

Photo by Demian Becerra

Friends, family, lovers, and strangers alike gathered together for one last day on Sunday to celebrate life, love, dancing, and music. Starting the night off strong at Cosmic Meadow was VNSSA, whose recent festival performances and highly praised releases with Walker & Royce ("Word") and Steve Darko ("Wavy") made her set a must-see. Looking at the crowd VNSSA had during her opening set, it was clear that as the masses flooded in, they couldn't help but make a stop at Cosmic Meadow to get down with the rising queen of house. Also performing at this massive stage was CamelPhatCut Snake, and Chris Lake, to name just a few. Next door at Neon Garden, gracing the decks was Adam Beyer and his Drumcode family which not only included Layton Giordani and Bart Skills but also Amelie Lens and ANNAqueens in their own regard amongst the lovers of techno. Other notable performances were Radical Redemption at Wasteland, Andrew Bayer at Quantum Valley, and Ocean Roulette on the boomboxARTCAR. However, it can go without saying that the set which everyone undoubtedly caught was the final firework show of EDC. Following in suit with the rest of the event, the firework show that takes place each night is one of impressive scale and grandeur. Night becomes day as thousands upon thousands of different designs, patterns and messages light up the sky for this seven minute show. Although the magic is happening above, it is worth it to look around at the faces of those around you as they mirror the sky and light up with each blast of color.

Calder Wilson for Insomniac Events 3-2

Photo by CalderWilson

What awaits you in Las Vegas for the duration of this three-day event is unlike anything that can be seen, felt, or experienced anywhere else. EDC pushes the boundaries and creates a setting that hundreds of thousands from around the world can immerse themselves in. From the very first steps taken inside EDC on Friday, to the very last step taken on Sunday, find yourself in this unique, multi-sensory world created to take you on an adventure. Join the 400,000 fans who have already discovered the peculiarity of the Electric Daisy Carnival by going here and find out why people continue to call the Electric Sky home.


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