Donatella Makes her Debut With Infectious Deep House Single 'What DO I Do?'

June 23, 2022 -

Justin Angle

At only 16 years old Donatella is already laying the ground work to ignite her music career. The song she has selected for debut brings forth a retable message that actually was the inspiration behind the track. "What Do I Do Now?" communicates the loss and confusion the world went through when the pandemic was here - we all ended up asking ourselves this very question. For Donatella, she pivoted to making music, this very song being born out of the artist acting resourceful with her time. A silver lining that make things feel positive on so many levels is this track wouldn't be here without COVID and Donatella would be starting this moniker with a different song, on a different day, in a different way.

Within the video, an enticing dose of visual art acts as the background for the lyric video that energetically guides the viewer along. The beat itself shows off a melting pot of influences, deep house, pop, and other areas coming together which provide the support for the vocal work Donatella executes on the song. Before you know it, you are invested in the video and end up finishing it through, the ending leaving you with a sense of surprise as to how uniquely engaging the experience was.

Backed up by a hefty team, the renowned Create Music Group, Above Music Group, and more than likely other strings being pulled in the background are all playing a role, Donatella is spring-boarding into the electronic scene from the starting line and not looking back.

We chatted with Donatella to talk about the release, got to know her better, and more.

How did the premise or idea "What Do I Do Now?" come about?
The pandemic and the quarantines. Everything just stopped and I feel like we were all questioning ourselves and everything around us. The relationships of so many around me seemed to slow down too…there was no excitement, nothing to look forward to - that’s when I had the idea for ‘What Do I Do Now’.

Which artist - electronic or not - do you look up to or really love?
Doja Cat! I LOVE HER!!!!

Have you performed live shows and if so, what's your favorite part about doing so?
Nothing outside of school, but the feeling i get on stage is everything to me. I still get a nervous feeling before I go on and that's something i live for!

Do you prefer to make music by yourself or alongside others?
I would say it's an equal split. Sometimes music needs to be personal and I need to be alone. However, working with my team at AMG allows me to explore possibilities I never would have alone. These guys have soooo much experience and it really helps to broaden my thinking, especially when it comes to writing. I LOVE co-writing with the guys.

Do song ideas come quickly to you or is something you slowly work at?
Yes the song ideas come quickly, but the execution is the hardest part. But I’m learning and getting better and better with every session.

What are you most excited about in regards to the Donatella alias?
Every song is different, and every story is different. I'm just happy I can tell mine 🙂


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