Doctor P and Flux Pavilion on Dubstep

May 6, 2016 -

Dominika Wilczek

Just one week ago, musical magicians Doctor P and Flux Pavilion joined forces and dropped a classic EP entitled Party Drink Smoke. This new EP accentuates the artistic skills of both Doctor P and Flux Pavilion, while holding on to the original Circus Records sound that they began their careers with. The body-shaking, head-banging songs within this EP would quench anyone’s thirst for dubstep.

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to get in touch with the legends themselves. Doctor P and Flux Pavilion, not only musicians, but co-founders of the acclaimed Circus Records, spoke about their own music and the dubstep scene, and got nostalgic while reminiscing on their past, present, and future selves. They give us a little taste of what their perception of the world is like, and passionately remind us that dubstep will never die.

DB: How would you say your music taste has progressed over the past few years? What elements of your style do you hold close, and which ones have you tested and gotten rid of?

Doctor P: I used to listen mostly to dance music, but I listen to a much wider range of music nowadays. I actually went through a phase a few years ago where music became so much of a job that I struggled to listen for fun. Since then I've rediscovered so much music and I listen to music constantly when I'm not actually making music. Listening to lots of music for fun is a big part of being a producer.

Flux Pavilion: Pretty good question, I think I took myself seriously for a minute then remembered that it was silly to do that. I'm serious about not taking myself too seriously.

DB: What is the least favorite song that you’ve produced?

Doctor P: I don't think I have a least favorite. If I didn't like a song I was making then it would never end up getting made. Having said that, there are certain parts of my tracks that I think could be improved. There's probably something in every track that I wish I could go back and change.

Flux Pavilion: One that you haven't heard.

DB: Who is your favorite artist outside of the dubstep scene at the moment?

Doctor P: I recently discovered Electric Guest. They've only done one album but it's instantly become one of my regular listens. They haven't put any music out for a few years so I've got my fingers crossed for a new album.

Flux Pavilion: Just discovered Nils Frahm, who is amazing. Probably Vulfpeck are my favorite right now though

DB: Often times, I have found that many producers replicate each other’s styles and stray from originality. Have you ever felt the pressure to change your style to accommodate the current dubstep scene? Have you established a line between inspiration and replication? How have you been so adamant in staying true to your sound?

Doctor P: I've always imitated other producers; I think imitating others is part of being a producer, but the key is to put your own spin on everything you do. There's a subtle difference between being inspired by something and directly copying it.

Flux Pavilion: I just stay true to a feeling and let the sound happen naturally. The only pressure is to make sure I like what I'm making and I'm enjoying my time in the studio.

DB: How would you compare the dubstep scene from when you first started producing to the current state of it?

Doctor P: Dubstep has become a lot more defined over time. In 2008/2009 you could do absolutely anything at 140bpm and call it dubstep. Nowadays I think there is more of a specific formula for dubstep. But I am constantly trying to deviate from the formula!

Flux Pavilion:  There is more music, but less creativity.

DB: What was your most memorable show and why?

Doctor P: EDC Vegas is usually the most memorable show of the year. It's just so big and so crazy. It's impossible to forget the experience.

Flux Pavilion: Playing in a band when I was 13 with Doctor P. We played a show at our bass players Nans house to all of our parents.

DB: What have been the highs and lows of your life that have had an impact on your career? How have you moved past them, and how have they influenced your music?

Doctor P: I think the thing that has affected my music more than anything else is success... As a producer, when you have a successful track it's really difficult not to emulate that track to try and repeat the success. It's ironic that having success can be the hardest thing to happen to a musician, but I think early success is often is the most difficult thing to get past.

DB: If you could travel back in time and work with any musician, who would you work with and why?

Doctor P: I think most of the musicians I'd like to work with are actually still alive. Fatboy Slim is one of my favorite producers. A collaboration with him would be pretty nice!

Flux Pavilion: Frank Zappa, 1000000%. He took “not taking himself seriously,” very seriously.

DB: Do you have any exciting projects that you want to share with us?

Flux Pavilion: Just released this EP with some guy called Doctor P like 4 days ago, that's quite exciting.

DB: If there were one piece of advice you could pass along to any up and coming producer, what would it be?

Doctor P: Figure out what you want your music to be, and then be the best at doing that thing.

Flux Pavilion: Try to concentrate on making your music good before you concentrate on telling everyone about it.

Stream Party Drink Smoke here:

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Written By: Dominika Wilczek


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