Doctor P b2b Funtcase b2b Cookie Monsta for the First Time Ever @ Moonrise

August 13, 2015 -

Ashlyn Fulton

The vibe was heavy early in the day on Moonrise day 1 as Circus freaks, Doctor P, Funtcase, and Cookie Montsa took over the Solar Tent for their epically anticipated b2b2b set. And, as I'd later learn, it was the first full b2b2b between the three. Hard to believe right?! Their musical styles in line with one another made this one of the heaviest, dirtiest, and most neck-wrenching sets of the weekend. Put on your bassface and read what they have to say in this exclusive Daily Beat interview:


DB: What did you like best about Moonrise Festival?

The vibe of the festival was great, there was so much positivity in the place and everyone was ready to go mental!


DB: The b2b2b set, is this something new? Usually just b2b with cookie and funt.

It's been done once before but not from start to finish, we've done it as a set ending but this is the first ever full set b2b2b!

DB: The Webster Hall takeover the night before was insane! How'd you like the venue/crowd?

The venue and crowd was awesome, they raged hard throughout the night! Just wish the venue wasn't so damn hot..

DB: How'd you all become besties?

We secretly hate each other, we sit AT LEAST 10 rows away from each other on planes

DB: Craziest story between the 3 of you.

We once were in Miami together for a Circus Records takeover at Grand central and we all arrived in a day before hand, apart from Doctor P who'd been there for 3-4 days. Boredom struck in the hotel and we all decided to take photos of us mid air jumping on the hotel bed in funny poses. We then did a gay little boyband style unison jump and made a circus records logo by using our phone torches in the complete darkness and spelling out the words using a really slow camera exposure. We must have done this attempt at least 20 times before we decided one of them was good enough to use haha. Not exactly crazy but we don't tour too much together!


DB: I heard dubstep is dead/dying over in Europe. Is that why a lot of UK artists are touring in the states now?

It's not dead, it's just been overtaken pretty heavily by House music which is really the thing here. Europe still books us here and there but i think the media saying it's "dead" has scared promoters into thinking the scene isn't worth putting money into, when in fact, it's completely healthy and any shows we play have always been very strong numbers..

DB: What the plan to revive dubstep over there?

There's no initial plan, we just recognise that music genres fluctuate in popularity and dubstep hasn't had it's proper hype yet. It had an overkill over 2-3 years and it's due another big hype. We just do our thing and keep ourselves relevant in the scene until it's back to where it should be, at the top of the genre game!

DB: Deadmau5 was challenged by one of his followers to construct a specifically formatted track. Would you guys ever take a challenge like that? What if the fans told the artists exactly what they wanted to hear?

The fans tell us every single day what they want to hear, it's nothing new. A lot of people try to tell us they love our old style, a lot of people love our new stuff and lots of people just go with the flow. I've learned that no matter how much you try, you can never please everyone.

DB: Any upcoming albums or EP's for any of you?

I've been trying to write an album but it's a long long process. I'm not really one of those artists to churn out tracks easily; I'm extremely picky with the tracks I make so a lot of my ideas never actually see the light of day. As far as an EP goes, I'm hoping to have one real soon! - Funtcase

DB: Who are some other artists we should be on the lookout for?

Phiso, Eptic, Badklaat, Trampa and Upgrade (drum and bass artist). Really feeling all of these guys right now!!




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