DJ Bl3nd Review and Exclusive Interview @ Webster Hall - New York City

April 1, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Beaters prepare to be Bl3nders. Residing in Los Angeles, CA, DJ Bl3nd has taken the Internet by storm with all his wild YouTube videos, which are inevitably what got him noticed. This past Saturday he took over Circus night for his first time at Webster Hall, and threw one hell of a party. We got to sit down with him earlier in the day and talk past, present, and the future of Bl3nd.

DJ Bl3nd started handing out mix tapes to club promoters in 2009 but wasn’t having much luck getting noticed. Once he started uploading videos of him spinning in his bedroom, that all changed. His first video (CLUB MIX) now has over 68 million views from all over the globe. These videos aren’t of him just mixing, but going absolutely nuts, dancing around with strobe lights, and wearing his infamous mask.

DB: Why do you wear the mask?

Bl3nd: “I started wearing it because when I started making my videos, my parents didn’t want me to expose my face. I had to cover it up somehow so I just put on the first mask that I had in my closet.”

DB: Do you have any others?

Bl3nd: “It’s the same mask, I just started changing it up and my dad helps me change the whole mask, like the hair and eyes.”


Not only did he get to rage at Webster Hall, but he also made an appearance at Pacha NYC beforehand. He explained to us that he’d be wearing this brand new mask to Pacha and one with orange dreadlocks to Webster. When we got to take a closer look at it, we noticed that it really was one-of-a-kind, with sequin eyes and blue and white hair!


DB: You’re fairly new into the music scene. How long have you actually been producing?

Bl3nd: “I started once I got into the electronic music scene. I started producing 2 years ago by taking out tracks and now I’m working on my EP!”

DB: That’s awesome! When does the EP drop? What are your plans in terms of an album?

Bl3nd: “I will release singles and once they reach 3 million likes on Facebook, I will release another free track. My last track was for free and I’m going to release another one, and then an EP and more singles. Then, probably later on in the year, or next year, an album.”

People all over the world are going to be happy to hear about that!


DB: You have over 3 million combine followers on Facebook and Twitter. That’s more than some big name DJ’s. How does it feel?

Bl3nd:  “It’s great to have that many fans. I just keep doing my thing. I just keep doing me and doing what I do. I keep getting the support from more Bl3nders, is what I call my fans.”


These Bl3nders are just as crazy as him!


DB: Have you had an embarrassing moment on stage?

Bl3nd: “Well I rage hard and there are no rules when its Bl3nd on stage so, at times, my fans are raging hard and start getting me naked. They take of my shorts and then I only have boxers on. I don’t know if that embarrassing but it might be to some people.”

DB: With fans all over the world, do you plan on touring outside of the United States?

Bl3nd: “Yes, of course! Probably later on this year. I am just waiting for my visa application to finalize and then I will finally go play outside of the country.”

DB: Is there any one festival or venue you dream of playing at one day?

Bl3nd: “Well I want to go all over the world but I really want to rage in England. I hear they go hard and I’m really looking forward to raging with them.”

You and us both, man! Take us with you!!

DB: What can we expect tonight?

Bl3nd: “Every show that I go to I try and make it the best night for the crowd and myself. So, overall just and awesome night full of RAGE!”

Once his shirt came off and the champagne started to spray, we knew this was a promise. With acrobats hanging from the ceiling to mini Bl3nds on stage shooting the crowd with super soakers, we’ve never seen Webster Hall so hyped up! You can tell he is so passionate about his music from the way he dances behind the decks on stage just like he was back in the privacy of his own room! This kid gets straight dirty with his beats! He even made “Don’t you Worry Child,"  “Clarity,” and Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" sound filthy. And don’t forget the head wobbles to “Ode to Oi.” These are exactly the kind of beats we told him we liked when chatting earlier. So, thank you DJ Bl3nd, not only for the interview, but also for the chance to RAGE with you!

~XOXO abRAVEgirls

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