Dirtyphonics Get Downright Dirty at The Yost

March 16, 2015 -

Bradley J. Callison

With FIGURE destroying The Yost last week, it was Dirtyphonics demolishing it the week after. Sweat poured, mosh pits were conjugated, and Dirtyphoncis delivered. The White Rabbit Group yet again showed us what they were born to do and that is put on a hell of a show. As expected, the grime and bass took over The Yost on March 12 and my ears are ringing still as I write this. With a few surprises during the evening and top-notch production, that even featured lights off of Porter Robinson's Worlds tour, The Yost and White Rabbit continue to prove why they throw the best events week after week in Orange County.


KOMPANY and DIRTY ZBLU opened the night by going b2b. Their styles of trap, bass and dubstep combined into one was a perfect way to get the night going and they were both well received. DIRTY ZBLU is a versatile producer upon checking out his Soundcloud. In his repertoire his has chill-trap, trap-bangers and really filthy grimy dubstep infused productions. I was very impressed with their b2b set and with ICON family in full force to support, it couldn't have gone any better. There was even some hardstyle dropped for a split second and I went nuts. All this really got The Yost hot and bothered early and we were right where Twiitch wanted us before he took the stage next.


Twiitch is no stranger to The Yost. He has played numerous times and could even call The Yost his home. I personally had never seen him perform before so I was anxious to see what he was all about. Twiitch brought the house down even before Dirtyphonics took the stage. He threw the f*c% down with force and some of the nastiest dubs I've ever heard. Downright filth filled the dance floor in front of the stage and the grime fest was on. From trap to drum and bass to dubstep he absolutely killed it. The future is nothing but bright for Twiitch, who already has support from Borgore, Datsik and Kennedy Jones to name a few. The Yost then went crazy as Sullivan King made a surprise appearance and even ripped on guitar during his set and it was incredible. I was right up front during this and The Yost loved every second as the guitar screamed and rang through the air.


Finally Dirtyphonics took over. I was extremely stoked for these legends. And judging by how the night had gone so far, I could only imagine what their set would do to The Yost. With the bass rattling the walls the entire night, the ground shook with the stomping and moshing of the crowd from the minute the first song was dropped. They have been able to successfully blend drum and bass, dubstep and trap into something beautifully grimy and filthy. They definitely threw down one of the hardest sets I've seen in quite some time. Dirtyphonics was able to pull of something else I've never seen before, being able to make the crowd twerk, mosh and stomp all at the same time, which I thought of quite the feat in of itself. I have also yet to see any other DJs be able to pull this off and probably never will unless I see Dirtyphonics again. Dirtyphonics kept The Yost guessing the entire night, as transitions from trap to dubstep to drum and bass were all over the place and the energy was off the charts. Dirty vibes were definitely in your face all night long and we all loved it. Track after track proved more massive than the last and the mixing was flawless. After it was all said and done, long showers were definitely in order after this night whenever it was that you finally got home.


White Rabbit Group change things up a bit next week as we get bouncy with Australian young gun Joel Fletcher returning to The Yost. It has been a while since Fletcher has graced The Yost with his presence and the night will also feature TRVTH OR DARE, Pollo, and Alternative Mind as support. Grab your tix for Joel Fletcher here.  Photo Credit: Scott HutchinsonWarszawa B. Jeff


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