Dirtyphonics and Funtcase learn new things about each other: a unique interview

May 12, 2016 -

Ashlyn Fulton

A few stops into their appropriately named Neckbreaker Tour, Dirtyphonics and Funtcase played a Brooklyn spot that was only documented by the memories cemented into the minds of those in attendance. Output is a venue that does not allow photo or video of any kind, making each event unique in the eye of the beholder, and not a hired photographer.

Yes James, Charly, and PitchIn may be traveling North America together, but how much do they really know about one other?

I got them to interview EACH OTHER to find out; you'd be surprised at what they learn.


[If you would rather listen to this hilarious conversation, you can do so here]


Charly: So James, I have a question for you. Let me ask you this: how did you figure out you wanted to come up with this Funtcase persona?

FC: I didn’t. It just happened

Charly: What do you mean it just happened? Let’s rewind. You were DJ Dose, back in the day, playing full drum n bass and the suddenly you decided you were Funtcase

FC: Yeah. It was a joke. I didn’t like dubstep. I hated dubstep. I made it for fun, for my friend, who has a dubstep radio show. And I made him two tracks, which were my first releases, and they went off. I put them out for fun and I still didn’t like dubstep

Charly: Was that on Circus?

FC: No it was on 420. And it just spiraled out of control from there – pretty much after 50 caliber came out

Charly: How did you choose to wear a mask on stage?

FC: Oh I had it in my bag for my first gig and my friend dared me to wear it so I did

Charly: I thought it was your mom who made it?

FC:  No

Charly: I’m a little disappointed

PitchIn: That’s the story you told me every single time

FC: Huh? No (to PitchIn) well you’re always drunk so I know that’s not true

(All laugh)

FC: Charly from Dirtyphonics, and PitchIn – is that actually your real name?

PitchIn: Julian

FC: Julian! If you were paid quadruple the money, would you ride a horse around the tour instead of flights?

Charly: Yes, most definitely! For half the money I’d ride a horse

FC: Note to Circle Agency, Charly would ride a horse

PitchIn: It depends how long

FC: I’m talking show to show, instead of flying

Charly: YEAH!

PitchIn: Like LA to NY?

FC:  (Laughs) 4 days on a horse!

PitchIn: From LA to San Diego maybe it’s doable but not from LA to NY. C’mon

PitchIn: If you could only pick DJ’s for your family, who would be your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister?

FC: Brother would be Eptic. My dad would be Cookie Monsta. My mom would be Doctor P. My dog would be… like P0gman.

Charly: (laughs) Woowww. Yeah I like that. Big up, Pogman

FC: My sister would be Leah Culver. She’s cool

PitchIn: Your mom has a really big beard right now (laughs)

FC: If you were to change to a different genre, that wasn’t drum n bass, for the rest of your career, what would it be?

Charly: For the rest of it?

FC: For the rest of your life, you could never play drum n bass again. Only one genre for the rest of your career.

Charly: Does it have to be electronic?

FC: No

Charly: Jazz

PitchIn: I think I would chose techno

Charly: What’s your best memory of the tour so far?

FC: We’re only 4 days in

Charly: Yeah, I know

FC: Seeing the recap video of me going (0:20)

PitchIn: (Laughs) That really was the best moment. Cause you were making noise like you were dubbing a cartoon in the car. Like you have a TV on with stupid cartoons in the morning and you were dubbing stuff on top of it because you didn’t have the sound.

Charly: Oh, another question. What if your mask smells after a show? Describe it in one word

FC: Trump’s gouche

Charly: That’s two words

FC: Trump

(All laugh)

FC: If you had a choice to take 10 bags of CD’s or 1 bag of vinyl, to carry with you on tour, which would it be? Baring in mind that the vinyls are dubplates and the CD’s are releases.

PitchIn: The thing is you cannot play that long with dubplates

Charly: 10 bags of CD’s you’d have days of music

FC: Yeah but it’s a lot to carry – it’s heavy. Let’s say 10 50-packs of CD’s

Charly: 10, 50 bags of CD’s versus a full-on bag of dubplates? In terms of weight ill take the CD’s any day

FC: You guys are both on tour, you’ve only got one bag of vinyls - who carries them?

Charly: (points at Pitchin) Him. Hes the stronger one

PitchIn: I’ll do it

Charly: So James, please tell everyone the one stupid thing you’re about to do on tour.

FC: I’m going to insert one fruit up my anus.

Charly: Which fruit?

FC: I’m not telling you; it’s a secret.

Charly: What city?

FC: I’m not telling you; it’s a secret. It’s not planned, I’m just going to do it.

Charly: I just need to be there to film it

FC: Yeah, I’ll let you know. I’ll do this weird dance and you’ll be like, ‘He’s about to put fruit up his ass’

Charly: You heard it here first

FC: If you could add one member from the dubstep community to Dirtyphonics, who would it be?

Charly: You, obviously

FC: Besides me

PitchIn: I just had a name pop

Charly: Like full-on dubstep?

FC: Were talking the whole spectrum. You can even have Skrillex even though he’s not dubstep. You can add anyone. It won't raise your profile though. You'll stay who you are

PitchIn: The first thing I though of automatically was Xilent

Charly: But he’s not dubstep is he?

PitchIn: That was just the first thing that popped into my head for some reason

FC: What about drum n bass? Who would you add to your live set?

Charly: Andy [C]

PitchIn: Really? Noooo

Charly: He’s the only one who can do it.

FC: He might steal the limelight from you to, being Andy C.

Charly: It’s not about the limelight it’s about the music and the live show.

PitchIn: Thijs.

Charly: Really? Thijs from NOISIA?

PitchIn: He’s always down to party always down to do anything at any time

Charly: So is Andy!

PitchIn: Nooo. Andy has a family and stuff

PitchIn: Do you have any DJ dreams?

Charly: That you haven’t accomplished?

PitchIn: No, like do you ever have dreams where you’re a DJ..

FC: I once had a dream that I played a whole set with the music from ads for cereal. Like Frosties and Sugar Puffs and Pirate Crunch – that was invented in my head – and the whole crowd left midway though my set because I couldn’t mix the cereal.

PitchIn: Cause every single DJ dreams about this. In a different way, like the cereal thing, I’ve never heard that before. But like, running out of tunes, that’s a classic. You have one, maybe two tunes to play. Or you show up to a show and no one is there.

Charly: That girl tweeted us yesterday that she had a dream that we were up on stage and we didn’t have fingers anymore so we couldn’t play music.

Charly: If you were to build a super band with 4 people, including you, that’s 3 more, who would you pick?

FC: Flux Pavilion, straight away, just anthem creator. Skrillex because he is just an unbelievable beast… does it have to be dubstep?

Charly: No, anyone.


Charly: NOISIA has 3 people.

FC: I have to choose 1 from NOISIA? Nik. Nik is the producer.

Charly: He is the engineer.

FC: Him for that, Skrillex for amazing tunes, Flux for the anthems and me for on stage.

Charly: I’ll take that.


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