Dirtybird's GAWP Tells All About His Story and North American Tour

March 12, 2018 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

If there is one thing we always love about the scene, is that when we see fresh new faces ready to make waves and bring their sounds to the masses. Today, we have UK up and comer GAWP, who we've featured before on his release with Dirtybird, and we had the pleasure of meeting at East Coast Campout.

Since we last spoke, he has just embarked on his debut North American Tour, which includes dates all over the continental United States. We'll include all the details below, but not before you learn what GAWP is all about...

How did the name GAWP come about?

Hi Daily Beaters - the name came about when I made my first track. I played it to a friend, and he stared at me so I said “What you Gawping at?” he said what's gawping? I said GAWP (I believe you guys call it Gape).

What other producers/musical artists do you see your music has some influence from?

Influences come from many people over the years from the likes of Sebastien Leger, Harry Romero, Switch, Kyle Watson, Tiga but recently I’m loving elements of Weiss, Vangelis Kostoxenakis, Steve Darko, Marc Spence, Billy Kenny and a huge list of musical Wizards.

How did you first hear about Dirtybird, Perfect Driver, and This Aint Bristol? Which label did you send music to first?

All of them a thousand times! Took me 2 years to get signed to these as I was crafting my trade and trying to be unique but fit in sonically. I first heard about them through the content they put out over the years. 

Do you like to collab with others? If so, Who is your favorite person to work with?

Working on my own has its plus points as I can spend hours mangling a sound and no one gets bored...okay I do but it's also great to work with people. To be honest I’ve not done many collabs but the ones I have have been fun and productive otherwise I wouldn't do them. Marc Spence, Tough Love, Bang Tidy, Trutopia are just some of the guys who crashed on my floor and we made solid jams! 

Which producer do you want to collab with in the future?

Steve Darko is next on my list, a super nice guy and i like his beard. 

What's distinctive about GAWP's production?

I try to be different, which is hard…as you can be too different, but my characteristic style is try and create something that is hard to understand how I’ve done it but keep it dance floor friendly. 

Do you have any other aliases you work under?

I'm in another duo but this is just on hold for now as I feel going back to it would spoil what we had. Quiz question for the day…“What is the duo GAWP is in??” GO! 

What do you miss most about Leeds? How is the scene out there in the UK?

The Beach, its clear blue waters and soft sands, the scene in Leeds is amazing…very UK Tech and Techno but also the bits in between! 

Do you have any other special talents other than producing music?

Did 6 years of hairdressing as Music wasn’t an option at my secondary school so I had to sign up for something. 

Any advice for up and coming producers?

My advice would be…

Collab with people in your area as you will help each other grow and learn together. 

Be patient, as I said it took me 2 years to get signed to my favourite labels, every track I sent I didn’t hear back so I nearly quit...but it's easier to give up right?!

Create great music that you're proud of and when people feel the same they will share your passion and you will grow as an artist.

This one applies to me maybe not everyone but I don’t watch lots of TV, I feel this has been one of my keys to success. I watch tutorials and keep learning or refreshing my skills and tech. (Porn is ok, it's not too long) 😉 

Finally, Invest in a good set of monitors, mac, soundcard and any midi keyboard, Also spend the money on treating your studio rather than making it look nice, or alternatively get a Subpac (check these out) and some semi-decent headphones. 

What can we expect from GAWP in 2018?

Musically in 2018, I’ve got a production tutorial series on Sonic Academy on my forthcoming Dirtybird Release “Coolade”, Collabs with Worthy, Trutopia, Tough Love and few more...

Tour wise, Now I’ve got a 3-year visa another few North America tours, one possibly in Australia and New Zeland and a few Europe festivals. (Promoters please don’t email me asking “How much?” please contact the guys on Bookings@spektrumtalent.com)

This year I’m also hoping to eat more avocados, and pink Himalayan salt to enhance my flights not being delayed.

Also, I will have some Merch coming too as I had my own made and when I wore it everyone wanted it, so I guess its only fair! 

Thanks for reading all the way down to this point and more importantly, thanks for all the support on my music and the scene.

Big love to all,

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