Destructo Introduces G-House With His New EP, West Coast [Review & Interview]

November 25, 2014 -

Sabrina Clark

The highly anticipated West Coast EP from the HARDfather himself, Gary Richards, aka Destructo, is out now! With this EP, Destructo introduces his new sound, G-House, to the masses, and we are more than stoked to listen to it. Crafted with a mix of talented rappers, West Coast is sure to be your new obsession.

We even got a few minutes of Gary's time to pick his brain about the album, the success of HARD Events, and the story behind the creation of Holy Ship. You can check out the clip at the bottom to see what he has to say!

Destructo - Daily Beat

Included on the album is the title track West Coast, a song that takes us back in time with a slight disco feel to it in the opening, and deviates to a g-house/ tech-house feel. This song makes me want to go to an underground rave in Europe in the best way possible.

The second single from the EP, Dare You 2 Move, featuring Problem is equally as catchy. Take a look at the hashtag #DestructoDY2M on Instagram or Vine to see how many other people are jamming to this track.

The third track is the first single off the EP that we heard all summer long, Party Up featuring YG. The track captivates the listener with that first laugh from YG himself, and then the groovy beat keeps you enticed until the chorus that tells us what we all want in life: “I wanna party. I wanna f***. I wanna model. No, I wanna slut.” It’s an anthem for many people, and it’s obvious why.

Bust Them Cheeks featuring Too Short is the hardest hitting track on the album. This song will make you feel gangster. It will empower you in a strange way. And as the lyrics say, “It feels like love.”

My favorite song on the EP is without a doubt Scuzzlebutt. I first discovered this song in a vine from one of Destructo’s summer festival performances, and I found myself searching through his Made In America festival set from this summer just to listen to it. Now that this track is released, it’s time to hit the repeat button on this one.

And last but not least, Nobody Else, featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Warren G is the perfect blend of hip-hop and Destructo’s new signature sound. The song is crafted with rap verses, a chorus that is sang out, and great hose beats in between.

As with everything that Destructo puts out, we are impressed. It won’t be long before many other producers try to emulate his sound on this EP, but for now, we can’t stop listening to it.

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